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Because i don't know what the deal is over here at this crib but they got ply toilet paper and wipe in your single ply toilet papers like wiping your ass with a piece of wax paper and germany doodle and this is my family friendly show but when it comes time to take care of business i need something. That's various active. But that's when the macho. Pardon me you know comes into play and the bridge. That i had to pick from was the meal clean care and see cut nail as a pretty decent main dish disarming solved that was out immediately the ultra sauced appeal to a particular part of my anatomy but the sharman turned away. My ego shocked couldn't get the sharman. And then they had ultra soft and ultra soft and little pitcher of money on top of it and then it went back to the Sharman which was ultra strong. And i said man. That's kind of macho. That's kind of cool shouted. It says strong on there and then ahead a they had the angel soft looked like a picture of a baby underneath a blanket. So you ain't no see the texas rattlesnake opinion with a bunch of groceries hamburger ground turkey was some angel saw up in there and you have some cuddly soft. That was a brand name cuddly soft. I can't remember what. Oh here it is. Here's what i settled on. I settle on the brand name. Scott says extra sauce on it but the fact that it was just a kind of brand. That's what i picked. How do you go but you process when you pick it on toilet paper. Kevin am i stupid am get over the ego part of this i go for i go for it. What everyone has the oversize role. That's what i go for because one thing about about eating eight meals a day is i spend as much time sitting down on on on the hopper about anything with my knees once. I'm dying. I'm there for a while getting up but Unbelievable only three of us my wife. My son and myself live in our house. My wife goes to the customer wherever she goes and she'll come home with this thing that i don't know what it is thirty six rolls. I it again. I swear we go through one of those week. It's on. I'm like i'll be like honey. We're still a favorite downstairs. 'cause i'm i've been you know ostracize. I'm downstairs. I can't even use upstairs. Put me down with the anime done. Been banished to the dungeon. I i am too. But i would have had the best fan in the world and there too. I got got my magazine rack and everything else put the tv. I mean work where your social media takes place for tweets reprieve lutely today. I mean it was like a quick process. But now i'm getting my fifty coming up here in december year blow but older than me. I mean something. So simple as taken adult takes a little bit more time than it used to be. And i don't know why that is but it is it used to be. I think when i used to dip tobacco that was always one of those things on the road. Will you took a death. And then you went to the bathroom about thirty seconds. No you're like that with coffee. Drink my coffee negative events and now it's just like i think it's just that we eat so much protei especially when you're eating like chicken and be you know turkey. Turkey talk last night man. I mean dryer turkey that ginny. Oh whatever ninety nine percent turkey ground stuff you you put on the george foreman grill for six seconds. And it's overtook. I gotta go that ninety three seventy wailing on that that stuff. It's hard to choke down. You got mustard. I got salsa. I gotcha lula sauce. Put on top of that stuff. I'm old school heinz. Fifty seven cash but about it is and it's like a london rookies it. Just go grab a bottle of ketchup of sudden you scored about some tablespoons of catchable bonar. You might as well be a bunch of into ladas. Because i stopped. Oh man. I think i was looking With agreeing wise which just like the public's brand and i've just looking at it. This is before my diet. Like seven. Grams of carbohydrates and the tablespoon and. I was like tomatoes sugar. Yeah that's one and two. I would just like cool man. There's out constantly like last last week story about the damn business in the hopper. Because this is what i found out that i needed to go. Get some taught a paper and it always. It always happens like this. There's a couple of bathrooms that here in the house. As soon as i said down took care of business over there's two squares on a toilet roll and you know what then you gotta while you dumb ass over to the bathroom and take care of your business and that just and cool so when i bought a paper that i bought. I spread that stuff deliberately around each bathroom and the damn house so that i never get asked out again. You ever go with the with the baby whites. Do you know what there's some baby wipes out there next to the to the things. I wasn't even thinking about that. See i always keep the baby wipes underneath the sinks. The bathrooms because no matter what he's the baby. Wipe you still get you still favor. Because it's it's you know. I mean it doesn't work. It's not dry. But i mean as far as cleanliness. You know i mean it's it's it's the deal but i always have goes is backups. If i do go and in waddell someplace else at least some not gonna drop trap a and before we move onto paper. I'm getting hungry. We move on the paper products and go into a commercial break. It kevin is gonna come back. We'll talk about some uber facts There there were two choices. When i bought my paper towels that there was bounty the quicker picker brawny and you know the the bounty the quicker picker upper. I can dig it. Because that's a good gimmick a little. Add type a personality. But after i had to offset toilet paper selection it was brawny all away. I mean it thing but a wing on a shoestring brownie was my paper towel. Choice brought the two pack brownie brownie. Yeah observers sooner red lumber greve lumberjack. Just for that they'll they'll throw in on your brownie thrilling on the red headed lumberjack. You gotta hero. To steve austin show coming right back with my father. Who's getting ready. He's older died. Look at lesnar beat for magic bike. The second version coming right back after this this hostage on this team lost all take a moment to share new podcast. True underdog recently launched by four times entrepreneur of the year award winner. Jason waller. it's real. It's raw it's motivational..

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