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Like hell. No don't do anything. And welcome everyone to in the draft with wilson. And was i'm wilson here in sunny southern california meanwhile right across the internet from beautiful studio of the dakotas version. Two point zero. It is one. Mr scotty was what's happening to their wives man. I'm telling you the good thing about taking a week off is the fact that you can just do whatever the hell you want. That's not having to do with work anytime for me. Which i'm sure from our conversations you just which to right now. Oh man got too. Many jobs is too much crap going on which is why we're actually recording this show on friday for once usually comes out on friday we We recorded on thursday this ten. Some people don't get friday some people don't get on the friday sometimes but but most of the time that's the ideal the ideal is that you get on friday today. Get it on friday because it's going to be sitting right here on my computer. I'm not going to be able to forget. Go right there in front of them absolutely And i don't know should we call it. The studio of the dakotas version. Two point zero or is it actually kind of two point five. Now because you got like the new set-up there. I think it's still two zero since we've so it would have been a two point three. I guess would have been something else. I just point been staying true to form on now man. So big shocker. Nascar goes to new track model east new for the cup series. Not new overall. All the excitement is going to be different is going to be like something is going to be a wild card race. No no just same damn thing we've been seeing for weeks now and carson dominating. Hey good for him. I guess the redemption story continues forum. Yeah and yeah like it got so bad that i was driving home from Twin cities as we were doing doing stuff. And they're just like yeah. No kyle larson shutting off his engine as he gets to the back streets to conserve fuel. Really have quite the lead then rally. He'll two hundred sixty four of three hundred laps. What is it about the hendrick cars this year. Though good in general. I just don't i don't but but the thing is is that this kind of breeds the idea that if you're doing good in the regular season the postseason might not be the best for you. Well that's true net notion. Yeah no that is a concern and and it's really weird. The weird part is that there again. More two hundred cars in the top three. And you thought oh. Hendrickson had kind of a mediocre day because not for the cars were in the top six. And that's that's always a good thing to have when you're when you get that thing hanging over your shoulder. Yeah not all of them. Were in the top ten garbage wrong. We need a symposium now one of them had a big issue that we'll talk about here in a second but yeah it's twofold. There are two things when it comes. Hendrick motorsports right now number one. We have to remember that like two years ago when jimmy johnson. Funnier before that. Like half. The reason jimmy johnson retired isn't because he couldn't win. Because all of hendrick motorsports win jack squat and now they're freaking dominating everything it's insane. How quickly things change. And then yeah number two like you said you have to worry about the playoffs at that point because we've seen so many times the team or the driver or the organization that dominates the regular season and the playoffs start in races in the row. And somehow they just can't put it together and you get the kabul syndrome where you know. You're great during the regular season. Or did any hamlets or the joe gibbs racing syndrome where you great during the regular season and then all of a sudden when it comes down to get done in the final ten they stumble and in one round and then it's over and there's time to recover at that point and then i guess i could throw a third thing on there and i know it's something that you brought up in the past. They're doing great right now and they've finally got it right with this car. With the with the current packages scr struggle with it for so long and they finally got it right now. Everything is going to change. What's going to happen next year when it's this next generation car and the playing field is kind of level to be able to keep this edge or not and i don't know that they're going to be able to keep the edge. I'll know if anybody's going to have an edge going in the next season now. I think we go and literally from scratch from nineteen forty eight and we're back again or no one knows what the hell's going on you just drive your exactly and it's interesting about hendrick. Is they go from like the one of the oldest lineups to one of the youngest and of like three years. Yeah that that helps a whole hell of a lot to in terms of i think their oldest guy might be larson. I think at twenty eight yay twenty nine. Chase elliott isn't isn't that age yet. oh. I don't even think he's twenty five. No china i think you look you look at every they have everyone under thirty like own that crew and that's pretty damn amazing to have that much excess in be that good That young and and they still have the world ahead of them. Essentially chasing just Just twenty five minutes twenty three. Yeah he is bowman this twenty eight a bowman and and elliott or larson are the same age. Yeah yeah wing you get four good drivers under under thirty on your squad. I think it's that's that's very promising regardless of what kind of car you're going to next. I mean obviously kendrick is known for getting drivers drivers young and writing out there. Kurt jeff gordon jimmie johnson after that and now he's got four opportunities to do the same thing and of course. Chase elliott already has won a championship so in that respect he's already succeeded in finding somebody who can make into a champion and then right out their career with him so unless beyond lucked. 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