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This is the sporting live on espn radio and the espn at here's jeremy chef new england patriots are going to the afc title game this weekend their seventh consecutive trip to the conference championship game a remarkable record perhaps matched in terms of boston consistent excellence by our next guest the great calmness from the boston globe forty five years on the job at the globe dan shaughnessy dan thank you for joining us could it could be germany then i get as i mean we could we could go on forever about you know the ins and outs of the brady craft bella check stuff that's been reported so well by my colleagues seth wicker sham lately and all back as of yesterday i i think that's dustbin covered in other places where i want to talk to you about for the next few minutes it's what it is like took cover the greatest sports team released the greatest pro football team arguably the greatest sports team of the twenty first century a place which as an outsider any way which is where i am appears to be not only um not only excellent in what they do but but joyless i hate to put it that way but joyless and certainly not a culture that is has encouraged any kind of cooperation with the media what what's at like covering those guys you're there's all kinds of dimension to it which you you pointed out some of them and i think that you know you're a little young for this but you know myself growing up in new england at to kinda models to this one was the new york yankees who we hate it you know they won every year they were great we didn't know if they were joyless or what they were but we just they just come in and kick the red sox and every year and that was annoying and and we were jealous then and fearing them and and it just was not a good time and that went on for a long long time in my youth the the flip side of that was we had the boston celtics here who were you know killing every putty every year i mean it was you know eight straight championships eleven and thirteen years ago russell a red that owing holiday straight on top and you know but it was only a nine team league it wasn't as rigor.

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