John Bolton, KEN, President Trump discussed on Bill Handel


What else is going to get them? The audience? How else you gonna get the clicks? This is a mathematical game. They know now exactly how many hits each story gets. Now, if that's your job, and you're making six figures. What are you going to do that night? John and Ken weekdays too? You're going to keep giving him the crap that worked the night before on K. If I go Excuse me. Good morning, everybody. Bill handle here and the morning crew on a Thursday, July 2nd, coming up eight o'clock. My interview with John Bolton. Which is it should be a lot of fun to listen to John Bolton. Yeah. AM so I'll see how how that goes. All right, and the president's got that briefing coming up in six or so he does, all right, so we'll go to the president. Just a few minutes. This is unusual because it was 10 minutes ago, It was announced that in 20 minutes there's going to be a presidential briefing. Normally we get the heads up at least a day in advance s. Oh, I can't wait to see what he has to say. I'm willing to bat. It's about thie. The economy. That it's now down to 11.1% unemployment going from 20 something so unemployment has been cut in half. All right, let's continue on with handle on the news, Jennifer Wayne and me and the mayor is to start posting Cove in 19 infection threat levels online..

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