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A hundred dollars as the money always offer to first class like the song I love this version I love for Mars and so Barry Gordy says a hundred it was Marvin and smoke Smokey says a hundred it was Gladys Knight the pips now as you know Gladys Knight the pips song version was released first so who's the song off into James Taylor he was offered the Marvin Gaye first so smoky lost a hundred but Barry Gordy wouldn't let him do it so who is what you want to Holland Dozier Holland one of which who wrote I don't know sorry now was was with few is with field and what field I think was with field I think you did it and follow them around said let me play it let me play up let me play let me play it they wouldn't let him play then all the sudden a later release it with Gladys went crazy then hit again and they said let me play it let me play improvement was done again in another first in which was like a slinky version incredible margin for she listened Gladys Gladys tips for wow and then you go over your margin is just I heard he just smart he's smiling I think I saw her and and if I am I am here at the oval wow that's great if you did okay we got all these people on here we'll go to Fred we're going to Fred Fred Fred yes good evening now are you Fred Fred well I'm been busy as usual that's good I'm in and out of the United States working when you're out wears out how is Germany room on in Germany and Belgium is that where you learned how to correct our crime problem well I'm thinking about running for mayor believe in and that we go okay go see her her here for sucks yeah I'm thinking about running it from back in town because my schedule well as a full time job you know yeah I'm aware of that yeah it's cute to also go yeah how do you think we should correct the crime problem well you know first of all you got to get serious you know you're not serious so hi I think is just whoever you get in it ages half of the salary primarily you know so do you know any politicians personally not personally either you know no but it is it's simple to correct a problem like terrace first of all you're going to have to try to remove the state's attorney because she's not serious that's not going to happen so quickly no no it as long as you have black people and I'm black and this the problem and Baltimore city cities face the dominate black you're going to have the same situation years three years four years from now and Hey this is this is not unfortunately going to get any better you know here you have to try to protect yourself when I come in always have a weapon on me hello so your your your policy is.

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