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But i think the fantasies more rewarding because you earn the best that we don't get there's no lock in ball and you take it home and you're superiority of their athleticism. So i think i know her. Okay okay. that's honest. I like that. What about being a be known as the okay. You can be known as one of the best actors of all time best. Poker players are players multi everything and everyone. Where where are you going. That took the acting who cares about that. Barack was in the obviously are stacked reactors brand but it's to subject could be a great actor that doesn't even work out the window. It would be to make it. Hasn't great poker player like you have like helping is doing and mike sexton did these guys. I give a lot of respect for them especially because When they get older they're not giving that respect. So i give to but overall the tennis you deserve it and i think that's the cruise. The most might are trying to feel out your tennis love. It seems that you've got the real love it. That's as close to your heart. That's that's fair. i gotta ask you. How did you get selected for the world poker for because you so. You have macaroni. People do when you're doing a high stakes game. Did you might know each other before this. Like in two thousand three. When did you actually meet. Mike's eight on. I go to the world series at binion's and that and i met my ninety and he's very nice juice myself mike sexton he knew father was an acting. And then i have my game going. See my for eight or nine years and then by father used to do the world series when he didn't show the car. It's like a ninety. Six ninety seven nolan washed right on my folic acid. He couldn't do it. Ninety been selected. You what we know as a player used around the espn or ninety eight one. We're starting win one it. I was commentating. They're watching it anyway. Phone and thousand one world tocqueville was be. They had mike sex and he was going to help get the money. They didn't have the second guy. And i came to their mind and i walked in there and looking for you bought a block and wasn't many people game at hosted or did commentary. I did little boat and had the acting thing going on. So i was i. Guess the perfect guy to do it with mike and mike in i became best friends from that because we have so many things in common we hoped is everything i thinks and low life and very similar so we integrate some in case i get it. You are skeptical when you heard. We're we're all poker tour mike. Raising the money are helping. The you're doing this thing and this product like you said you'd like this could be one or two episodes..

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