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If the bacteria already exists in the gut and you're taking in the high fats from a Kito base or saturated fats essentially, what we're looking at then it will help draw that right through the gut wall, so yoga and agree in that. Okay, so we've got, we've got the first three steps are Abuna which is Olympics is the special diet, and then Vermont, it's so weird. You know, see this in western medicine, we're actually doing doing 'em Isa's vomiting to remove the mucus from the upper respiratory tract to like cleanse the body from from that whole. And then what's the next step? So the next step is the Virigin I, which I'm not sure if I mentioned that that's the Lucienne of the bile in the liver, and you're giving people laxatives. So the having three, four, five ball, boom, it's a day. And the reason is that your livers than emptying into your colon, which will just talk about in a moment. So we were, we would create herbal decoctions they're called. So essentially you'd wake up every morning and I would sometimes be the person that would run around to all these different patient rooms and put a bottle like liquid. Title of your herbal decoction with your Medicated capsules. And we know actually was really interesting. I got to make the actual capsules, the medication we called it, and you would roll it in either g. or raw Honey. And we use g or Honey as a delivery method to actually get these things into the body in to a deeper level. So that was pretty amazing. And then you would use Bosque which is an enema again, a Medicated enema. We would use herbs to remove waste from the colon. So is it was like a symphony. We would remove it from the upper respiratory tract, which is called Kopf, oh, like the Endo Morphing type. The heavier body type pet is in the liver. So we would release those toxins and bile down into the colon. And the colon then is reserved for vodka, and we would release all the toxins that were dumped in the colon than into obviously a toilet. Now, the last part is, is the facial area and the facial area has to do something called nausea and nausea is an amazing treatment for people with Alex cameras, slow you down again, man, sleigh down again this this very. Chana where you induce multiple bowel movements in the form of loose stool. How're you doing that? So we're using products such as trip loved. So triple of is one of the mainstays they would use now. We would use other things too because we check in with the patients on a daily basis, and if they weren't getting the results that we wanted, we increased dosage and we're able to do that until we got the at least three bowel movements per day because it's very important as you're releasing toxins. So we were also. So when we had people on this special diet, we are also oxidizing body fat. A lot of people came in these clinics to lose weight as well. So when they're there and your oxidizing body fat, we have to keep in mind that body fat adipose. Tissue is about three hundred times more toxic than your blood, meaning that your body does a really good job when toxins come into the blood at store them in adipose tissue that adipose tissue can swell. And that's why a lot of people. Sure they're overweight, but their body is swollen. They looked puffy and that's because those fat cells are also holding talks and with that comes water as well. So. So we're oxidizing body fat. The toxins are coming to the blood. They're moving to deliver, hopefully not as much in the kidneys, and then we're then eliminating those into the colon than into obviously the toilet. There's this try failure. Herbs is something you just take right before induces bowel movement. You take the night before or how does it work. So triple is a very gentle accident and t. r. a. t. r. i. p. h. a. l. a. okay. By the way, for those you're listening a link to all this stuff. If you go to Ben Greenville, fitness.

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