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Because you're off every other will. Absolutely, man. Absolutely well. Not too much out there to work out today and so far, good morning sundown. There's been a little breeze that East Northeast We've got a couple spotty showers. I think that's going to be in on the showers through the weekend, Low nineties of the afternoon. The low eighties at nights will stay warm. Stevie at night and chance each state or Sunday. About 2030%. Not a great chance. Certainly not going to see any significant coverage. Josephina 40 mile per hour Tropical Storm forecast to turn away from the U. S East Coast make effect Reviewed as we get into Yeah, Bermuda as we get into That midweek Next Excuse me, and then the other every boat, low pressure thunderstorm activity off the Carolina Coast just off the Hatteras. Now hooking it up to 50% chance of five days are becoming maybe a tropical depression outside chance. It becomes a game system tropical or subtropical, Manny so Either way we continue to rip on through these names and more on record case for the number of named storms so far this year. All right, my brother. Enjoy your weekend and enjoy your time off. Talk to next week 9 13 on NewsRadio. 6 10 W R I O T. Well, it was a wonderfully thought out piece of political theater yesterday, Joe Biden calling on governors to issue a three month mandatory outdoor mask mandate. Fine said experts said it could save 40,000 lives and he rightfully said doing so would allow kids to return to school sooner and businesses to reopen..

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