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It was i had a great time making the movie but i i i didn't feel like i made mine movie i felt like i made one of those movies and i at add pieces of me in it but it was when it came when the conversation came round to making another film with you um is part of the series i was pretty disinterested in it um in less it was going to be a film that was when my film it just so happened to feature that character as opposed to uh but i don't know how to explain it other than i don't think these universe movies are really movies they're they're old they're very expensive tv episodes of a of a because it goes with the intelligence nature of comics in general in which it it it's a compiling but the aga of sorry it's it's it's own i think it's it's own interesting semi political topic because the comic books reinvent the characters all the time and and killed him off and kill them off and redesign them and uh but the kind of the i find it so he's really interesting because people a real film fans and then they're also really angry f the movies ever deviate from each other but in a way they're also it's a contradictory goal because you're not going to get expressive an interesting films if you're asking the filmmakers to live by a kind of immovable bible and relaunched semi religious bible um that the even the innovation that happened in comic books happened because new artist game and reinterpreted these characters um as a screenwriter on any adaptation invention is important.

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