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A visit window robin dot com So the Mets needed some lousy damaging to really wait the bats up and they did really, with only two of the pictures that they saw last night that you made his first major league start longtime reliever And then Jeffrey Springs. They hit the three home runs, which gave him all their runs. Conforto hit that bomb. Tom Smith and the robot home run really were all bombs in many ways. The only negative is that after that, I think it was once heat. Embry came in the game in the fourth inning. The bats went to sleep. What forces for shutout innings? I think he threw last night after the fourth inning. I did nothing. I think they've got maybe one or two. It's after that, that maybe we've got a hit in the ninth inning. And you were you were you were a little concerned. I mean, obviously, Walker was terrific. I mean, you take away only pitched five innings, but you give up that one homerun with seven. Nothing leader had no issue with that. Kemal and I thought he pitched really well. I thought that was good to see. I thought Shreve pretty well. I give up the homerun tube again had a big lead solo home run, And then that was all he gave up. After that it was to a Bogart's So I thought he did a good job familiar, obviously was not good. Those typical unless I mean you just right now. It's so far. It's gone. Toil. Okay, Pretty much, you know, familiar, and D as Yu right now, Through four games, you say I got no confidence in them. And obviously you got complete confidence in set Luego and again. I liked what we saw from chasing Shreve last night, but that was okay. I don't know what he is yet, but I thought he did a decent job. He stinks. Don't get used to it, but he put up a wall of saying is you get a decent job last night over? Sure, sure. I'm not going to kill him for last night. But he's not a major league pitcher. Onion what you are right that the relievers from last year basically doing the same thing. Justice Wilson's off to a good start South. Lu goes off to a brilliant start and after familiar and Diaz gave you little tease with their first performances. Their second performances have been awful. I mean, yesterday familiar comes in with a big lead. He walks J. D. Martinez on five pitches. Endeavors rips that double and in Lugo's gonna bail him out. Yeah, And so you're forced in a game in which I thought in the fourth inning. This could be a laugher. This could be the opposite of the night before. You know, they're up seven. Nothing. The Red Sox deep into their bullpen. They've got no arms. Walker looks great. This could be last night Reverse. And while they won the game, and that's great, but it wasn't it turned into a relatively close game to the point where Louise RoHaas needed luego to get four outs. He ends up going 22 pitches. So who knows about his availability today? But the reason I'm not surprised RoHaas went toe walk, it went toe logo is at the early returns on Louise RoHaas. Is that he is not afraid to know, veteran like Robinson Cano and basically tell him with his actions. You're not the same Robby Cano. Well, I didn't hear this said, but when he said it, roll us, But what did the guy said it last night? Maybe was Gary met one of them. That when Roland's got here, he basically said, You're gonna have to check your ego at the door and, you know, so far we have seen that. I mean, you didn't play suspicious last night he's dropping when I was to me could know doesn't play tonight. If you're going to take somebody out of the lineup tonight, I would sicken. Oh, Play McNeil. It's second base. Put Dom in left field. J D Place. Third cess pit is th is that would be me tonight? Yeah, I'm not sure I would, though, how he's going to act because there's a left hander on the mound today bought, you know he wasn't afraid from starting Dom Smith yesterday. So you gotta level the amount I'd rather see. Don Smith it then it will Smith at the home run off a left yesterday, did no, I know. I got to see Smith play then. Cono could also hit anybody right now. And Robby Cano is not completing games, which I think meant as I've been finishing the game's defensively now weaken, you know, kind of second guess and I'm still kind of debating when is the right time to go to the defense of alignment. When you're only off by a run? We saw that the Saturday game was quick and Yoda was quick. He was quick is in the eighth inning in that game with the Mets only up by a run. Here's Jake Marisnick getting an at bat. Here's Andres Jimenez getting an at bat, but what I like and I think this is why I was confident He's not going to be married to Diaz. Is that he's hitting Robinson Cano seventh and pulling him in latent games for defense. Let that marinate your head for a little bit. Robbie Conal, who's making $20 million a year. You know that big trade that Brody made a year and 1/2 ago. He's batting seven, though, and being pulled for defense. Wait, son. It's only four games again. Don't you know? Four games. The early for GAM. Return on Louise Roll Haas to me is positive. Right now and here. I think this guy's got a chance to be a good manager. I think he's got a chance now. I'm not saying he's going to be saying that through the 1st 4 games based on somebody stuff you're talking about Robby what he did last night, but it was not seen the as. You know, even sitting says finish yesterday, which turned out to be the right move because don Smith's it's a three run, alma, you know, so I s so far. You know, I like what I see from Roz so far. Yeah, And I think he's gotta use a luego. Not as the quote unquote closer, but is the guy you bring into a game in the biggest spot of the game? It's justice was that cannot be in the rotation. I mean, I understand and the kids going Peterson against is going to pitch tonight. Joan. I've heard a lot of people say divergence on different places. I will see the names of the guys that I've heard say, but you know, Luego should be in a rotation. He's the second best picture on a team. You know what? That's why I want him in his bullpen because he's so versatile in the bullpen. He's the one guy in a bullpen. Deny Guy have confidence in if you had to go two, maybe even three innings. On and and so I need him, especially in the state of the game today. What good is luego going out there and pitching five tremendous innings, you know, or six innings like match there the other day and then at the end of the day, he added that the end of the day the bullpen winds up giving a game up. You know that that's that's me. And I set my mind in this season with the way this team is built with the lack of trust in the arms that they have. That's where he makes the most sense. No question. Is it a different debate in 2021? It may be it may be, But right now I know I know it's only two games in terms of how much they've pitched. Nothing has changed with generous Familia. Ned Windy, has not looked at the two games Theywant. To me. It's no coincidence where Luca was involved. Yeah. And look last night in the eighth inning after Mitch Moreland got that R B I single to make it a 74 game That was the biggest pot of the game. And that's where you you, Seth Luego, and sometimes the biggest spot in the game is going to be in the sixth inning. Sometimes it's going to be in the eighth inning. That's when you You said he's already shown you not just this year in a couple of games, but last year Put him in a big spot. You can trust him to get a big out now. The question's going to be, though, Joe. He threw 22 pitches last night tonight, especially when you've got a kid making his major league debut. You're probably not. Getting a lot of innings out of Peterson will see Is he able to go backto luego tonight? And if so, let's say he is in the game. How much can he actually picked? You probably wouldn't get more of it than it ending on a luego tonight. So if you want to use Luego tonight is the closer strict ninth inning closer. I got no problem with that. We'll come right back and get your calls. 877337 66 66 Mark Find San will join us. Albert Breer will join us. Plus, Adam gazes meeting the media, so we'll dissect everything he had to say which I'm sure is just other brilliance. Can't wait. But right now it's time for a radio dot com Sportsmen it. Jim Rome on MLB Strange response to the outbreak of Cove It's in the Marlins clubhouse. I'm Jim Rome with a radio dot com Sportsmen.

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