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Balloon struck a power line and fell to the ground in New Mexico Saturday. Eyewitness Josh Perez says the gondola hit a power line catching fire hitting the roadway. All the victims are from central New Mexico, including 59 year old Martin Martinez, a former Albuquerque police officer. And his 62 year old wife, Mary Martinez, the NTSB now joining the FAA and local officials to piece together how this happened. ABC Zarin shot reporting from Albuquerque here at home. A 21 year old man from Milwaukee expected to survive after being shot Saturday night just before eight o'clock. Police believe it happened from a road rage arguments right near Burnham in South 28th Street. Police are still looking for unknown suspects. President Biden seeking to clarify his position on the bipartisan infrastructure package proposed by lawmakers Saturday, the president, saying he didn't mean to suggest he would veto the bill unless Congress also passed the larger package to expand the social safety net. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson. Still, mom on whether or not he plans to run for re election in 2022 is asking fellow Republicans to run for office at all levels of government. He's saying something The party hasn't been doing a good job start focusing On the federal government and winning the presidency and winning US sentences. Congressional seats. We completely ignored what the left did not ignore. Local government. Johnson, the speaker at the Republican Party of Wisconsin convention, held this weekend in Wisconsin Dells and the home of the Brewers is back rocking and full force. It's been nearly.

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