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Six thirty AM right here in Hong Kong and in Singapore. Six thirty pm on the eastern seaboard of the United States. I'm Rishaad Salamat Bryan Curtis. We've got an hour and a half before trading starts in Tokyo, Sydney, and Seoul, and then three hours before we get the open in Hong Kong and Shanghai little bit mix, but may turn positive with a pretty positive close on Wall Street. Details on that coming up shortly. But now the top stories President Trump says he feels new pressure to resolve the trade dispute with China and a tweet he said is Beijing that's feeling the heat on making a bid to be indifferent. As to whether the talks happen. The message digest the president is determined to enter any new negotiations showing strength risk stoking Chinese fears that he's not really serious about striking a deal. Goldman Sachs has named a number two four David Solomon when he becomes CEO. John Waldron will be the next president and chief operating. Officer currently runs investment banking Solomon Waldron. I work together at Bear Stearns and their rise cement, so dramatic shift in power away from the once-dominant trading division. A well-known Hong company is considering an IPO with London listing. The mix syfy Cameron has details. The firm is seeking infrastructure holdings. Led by tycoon Victor Li the company owns energy and water utilities globally. We're told CK infrastructure is talking to investment banks and while discussions are ongoing. They may not lead to a deal seeking infrastructure has built a stable of British assets over the last decade from water and gas to rail transport. The company said settling C, you Hutchinson has infrastructure assets in a stray Ilya, Germany and Canada so become region. Bloomberg daybreak Asia. The microlending business of Nobel prize winner. Mohammed Yunus is now operating in Japan. Grameen Bank will provide initial loans of up to eighteen hundred dollars. His struggling entrepreneurs and workers about one in six people live in relative poverty in Japan. The unit is headed by university. Professor zero Khan and aims to be profitable within five years. Right. Let's have a look at what we had with US Stokes. It was another move higher. We had the texting rather. Well, get details from Bloomberg's Charlie Pellett in this Wall Street gains in the information, technology and healthcare groups helped propel stocks higher for a fourth day. Investors are also keeping an eye on emerging market assets. Bob Brown is chief investment officer at Northern Trust outside of the emerging markets directly. We would like to see an important. Macro catalysts in the USA. We think it's hard to be optimistic on emerging markets as long as the fed is still on its tightening cycle. So. The fed pauses, and we see the benefit of time on the domestic policies coming into effect from emerging markets that would be a good signal to get back in. But right now, we think there are better places to make money and emerging markets is not one of the five hundred index climbed fifteen points up five tenths of one percents. The Dow advanced one hundred and forty seven points up six tenths NASDAQ up fifty nine up eight tenths of one percent in New York. Charlie Pellett, Bloomberg daybreak Asia. All right. Let's get a look at the Asia Pacific. Thirty two minutes past the hour. Doug krizner is looking at markets. We had a weaker dollar during the New York session. Some of that is tied to a week reading that we had on retail inflation. Bloomberg dollar spot index was down about three tenths of one percent. Interestingly the yen also pulled back against the dollar as well here, we are one eleven ninety five in dollar yen. And that is mildly supportive to Nikkei futures. Although the Chicago contract indicates that we're likely to see essentially a flat open when the Tokyo session is up. Running in about just under an hour and twenty five from now Chicago contract trading at twenty two thousand eight thirty five Paul Allen is in Sydney for a look at what's happening right now in New Zealand and a preview of the Australian session. Good morning, Paul. Yeah. Morning. Doug bit of a mixed picture right now, we got the ends off a little more than a tenth of one percent futures pointing higher by full tenths of one percent. And now the dust is settled from earning season. We have a report from komo's Bank Australia's largest companies paying out twenty eight and a half billion and dividends by October building last year and also outstrips the Bloomberg estimate seeing a bit of a recovery in the dollar is well just about to push through seventy two cents after Thursday's rather encouraging jobs numbers duck. All right. Thanks to Bloomberg's Paul Allen. Crude oil giving back some of the two days of gains that we have WTI dropping about two and a half percent in the New York session. Given the demand killing trade wars seem. Seems to be nowhere. Well, there's no sign of chilling. Let me put it that way. WTI now at sixty eight seventy nine rish to you. Thank you very much now hurricane Florence is expected to be making landfall on the US southeast coast in the next twenty four hours with the storms out to bands have already unloaded half. A foot of rain over the region. Businesses are bracing for the worst for that. And the other global news is index Iranian is New York rush. Thanks very much and good morning. That's right, hurricane Florence could. Also hit the economy hard one Bank. In fact, says it could be a one billion dollar hit to the region's agriculture sector. North Carolina is the top state in the nation for tobacco. It's also number two for hogs and chickens. Federal officials have also said at least nine nuclear facilities are threatened Duke Energy is shutting down its nuclear power plant. In fact, it's right in the path of the storm now wants Florence makes landfall it could bring. Thirteen foot ocean surge and forty inches of rain. There is some good news though. The storm has weakened from a category. Four storm to a cat to over the past day. But despite that President Trump did cause some confusion with a tweet saying we are completely ready for hurricane Florence as a storm gets even larger and more powerful. Meanwhile, President Trump did today push back against a report about the death toll from hurricane Maria that was one year ago in Puerto Rico on Twitter, he said three thousand people did not die. Several Republican lawmakers said they do believe the reports. Accuracy, Democrats and Puerto Rico's leaders did lamb bass the president also on Twitter Donald Trump attacked J P Morgan Chase. Ceo, Jamie, Dimon diamond you might remember boasted he's smarter than Trump and could beat him in an election. Trump wrote the problem with banker Jamie diamond running for president is that he doesn't have the aptitude or smarts. And is a poor public speaker and nervous mess. Otherwise, he is wonderful and looking. And looking ahead to the US congressional midterms in November Democrats chances for retaking. The Senate seemed to have brightened in Texas poll show, Texas, Senator Ted Cruz and democratic Representative beta Aurora locked in one of the tightest midterm races in the country and to democratic incumbents in states, Trump, one West Virginia and Indiana have now shown strength in recent polling making them better bets for reelection. And in defense New South Korea could be paying two point one billion dollars to buy six Boeing p eight patrol planes. The US State Department informed, congress of the plan. It will still require congressional approval next week South Korean president, moon Jae in and North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN will meet for the third time. Global news twenty four hours a day on air and took on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. In New York, I'm Remy and Asensio. This is Bloomberg Brian. All right in is coming up on twenty two minutes before the top of. Of the hour. Let's bring in Dan Schwartzman with a look at sport. And we see Manchester City breaking new revenue records, Dan. That's correct Brian. They've become only the second Premier League club joining Manchester United to break the five hundred million pound revenue. Mark reporting earnings of five hundred point five million pounds, the only other clubs in the world to break the five hundred million pound Mark, besides of course city in the United are Real Madrid Munich and Barcelona Tottenham is going to be short handed for Saturday's match against Liverpool as both midfielder dealy Ali and goalkeeper Hugo Laura's haven't ruled out with injuries Laura's is dealing with a thigh injury. While he is battling a hamstring issue. And could even miss Tuesday's champion's league match up against the mirror reporting. That Paul has been promised by super agent me Raila that he would help the man you star moved allow league after three years in the Premier League which would be after this season both rail Madrid and Barcelona would be interested in the twenty five year old midfielder Green Bay Packers. Head coach Mike McCarthy says it isn't a certainty that quarterback Aaron Rodgers start Sunday against the Minnesota. The Vikings Roger injured his left knee in the season. Opening win over the Chicago Bears coming back into the game to engineer a fourth quarter comeback win throwing three touchdown passes. The newest nominees for the two thousand nineteen pro football hall of fame class have been announced with notable. I you're eligible players such as tight end Tony Gonzalez safety at read cornerback champ. Bailey and linebacker London Fletcher on the list list of one hundred and two names will be trained to twenty five semi finalists in November major league. Baseball scoreboard local teams in action. Bottom of the seventh inning. The nationals have just pushed across a run. They.

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