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News Dylan Byers on. Who spending what where and how? It's impacting our democracy. Twitter was exerting too much much influence on the political process and Tesla's year in review vanity. Fair's Bethany McLean on the company's Teflon leader. I was thinking about that. March Wang quote reports parts of my death have been greatly exaggerated right. That should be musk's theme so those stories and many more on today's podcast I'm NBC producer. Katie Kramer it's Wednesday December eighteenth. The two thousand Nineteen Squawk pod begins right now Hubei and three two one good morning everybody. Welcome to Squawk box here on. CNBC NBC. We are live from the Nasdaq market site in Times Square. I'm becky quick along with Joe. Kernan and Andrew. Ross sorkin first up on the podcast today. The House of Representatives. This is getting set for a vote on whether to impeach the president last night. President trump sent a scathing letter to house speaker. Nancy Pelosi demanding that she quote immediately cease this impeachment impeachment fantasy ahead of this historic vote. We do have the results of a new CNBC. All America Economic Survey with questions on Peach Mint and the president's handling of the economy. Steve Policeman Leeson has the details on that. Good Morning. Good Morning Becky the nation is solidly split on the issue of impeachment is. The House moves towards the vote today. The all America Economic Survey Finds Forty four percent founded the public police. Congress should impeach president trump forty-five percent do not the poll of eight hundred Americans conducted last week as margin of error plus or minus three and a half percent. The split comes as a result of a deep partisan. Divide seventy eight percent Democrats favor. Appeasement eighty-three percent of Republicans oppose it. Independence oppose it by a forty six wchs to forty one percent margin some Americans though say they could change their mind. Four percent of those. who favoured appeasement are open minded or say they are as six percent of those who opposes so adding adding eleven percent who are on shore and you come up with one in five? Americans put all those three together could potentially be swayed on the issue. What's that foreign in sixty seven so those are separate? Oh four percent of those. Thank you for asking that. Sometimes I never know if they're Understandable these church with four percent of those who favor impeachment say say they could change their mind. Six percent of those votes could change in my than the eleven percent unsure. Set up to one in five Americans say they could potentially swayed on the now president trump's jumpsuit and overall approval ratings rebounded from a hit they took from the start of the impeachment process back in September. These numbers are astonishing. Forty nine percent of the public approves the president trump sadly the economy while forty percent disapprove. And that's a sharp rebound from the September survey which was taken you remember. Just as the impeachment process began the the president's economic approval numbers fell underwater for the first time forty nine percent disapproved job the president is doing overall and forty percent approve. It's still a net negative live of nine on the approval number but well improved from the net negative sixteen September. What's interesting about the Polish Americans? Making a distinction thirteen percent Stanton Moore Democrats and twelve percent more independence like the job the president's doing on the economy and they like the jobs doing overall kind of go back to September. What happened tendency timber to hurt some of his? I've been thinking about this a lot because you know I've been doing this for a long time. Sometimes you want to be on the news and maybe sometimes you don't. We came out with this poll or we went into the field just as the Democrats said they were going to the president. So what we picked up in this years ago three years ago the most recent Oh left. I'm sorry I get why we call it. The Old America survey though which was thirteen years years ago. You've told me that nobody could believe we were interviewing anybody but rich people and Wall Street. It's all in there but this is all American. Do with athletes. That's why we call it that the distinction that they make what happened to answer. The biggest question is that it was a visceral reaction where the president's economic approval numbers huge it and we said there was nothing going on with the guys if you don't mind very quickly that the the overall approval numbers they don't change very much. Watch this forty percent a Republican pollster. Yesterday we have a Republican. Democratic pollster said for as volatile presidency as this is the stability of the improvers. Disapproval is one of the most astonishing thing is it gets back to the idea of people digging trenches as versus the other base. And you. Don't you did not have that kind of stability in the in the Obama presidency. That's the only place that you see stability though it. It's interesting because you people are just so dead set on their beliefs on this entrenched there again. It's the tribalism playing out. It is fascinating becky. How narrow narrow the window is to get those majorities? If you notice there is not a majority pitchman. There's a dead split at forty four forty five in five Americans. Americans are in play here. We cannot underestimate the effect of that to sixty six on that Friday. And if that were to be the jobs number the for the two sixty six job number on Friday that that were to be reversed that command. Even the mainstream media picked up those numbers and that that was such a there are some wage gains and headlines gone and the economy is a three and a half which brought a fifty year lows with. You're gonNA hit the headlines. Joe Is absolutely right and jobs. Numbers have good headlines. The stock doc the shot for for a country. We're only like fifty or fifty. Five percent of the public owned stocks. The extent to which the stock market influences their views on the economy. Fifty fifty is that the six percent in the poll again. I'm jumping the gun on tomorrow. They see see those headlines and it sinks into their three percent for the about what they view on the economy and it also sinks into their views on how much they should spend I for the holidays tomorrow. Tomorrow's tomorrow thank you. We work has reportedly secured a financial lifeline. This time from Goldman Sachs. The bank said to be giving the struggling office sharing company a new line line of credit worth nearly one point. Eight billion dollars. Now this is part of soft bank's bailout four. We work. That was announced in October. Should say some some of this though is secured in a way that my understanding of it puts Goldman at the top of the stack in terms of in terms of getting the buildings in terms of as a creditor women because remember we were doing on the buildings on some of them. I thought I thought Adam Newman but but but I think that what you're talking about here is I think it's actually. I don't know the specifics of how it's detailed but in terms of the credit stack they go. I heard you become the I don't know by the way. Maybe maybe there's some guarantee against Softbank itself. I don't know but what I was gonNA suggest is unless you unless you fundamentally think that we work worth zero. You'd be an underlying business there that you would get there's gotta be assets related really. That's what I wonder. What are the assets? If it's not the buildings that it's it's a good question. It's a very good question. But somebody's believing something here because one point eight billion dollars not nothing. That's why I wonder if you're right about Softbank. Bank guaranteed lillies. CEO's firing back at presidential candidate. Elizabeth Warren the senator released a survey on Monday. That found eighty three percent of pharmacies did not have lillies cheaper. Insulin and in some cases pharmacists did not inform customers that a cheaper version was available. Oh speaking with Jim Cramer on mad Monday. I'm Ed many yesterday. Lily See David. rix disputed the senators accusation. That drugmaker failed on. Its pledge to provide patients with lower priced insulin. That's not sit so it's only one hundred of them will look. I haven't read the details of the report. I read their press release. I can tell you what the facts are today. Many policymakers encouraged us to just lower the price of insulin. We did that. We launched a half price of our best selling product act but only one out of four Americans with party coverage and in commercial coverage next year. We'll have access to this. This doesn't show that we didn't try. We did try. You can order this product today from your pharmacy. This shows what's broken in the rest of the pharmaceutical system..

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