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And then i'm like well if you can't follow your own rules and regulations i don't listen to you. You don't set the standard. I'm already. I already know what i'm doing and in here your telling me how to do this and then i adapt but you aren't even doing it so now i feel like i'm lowering myself. I'm not going to work here. I will work for a company like that. And they can't live the thing that they're saying your book that now. I just decided to do this on my own. And it was a creative project. Turn into something more. And now i don't know what to do with it because it's like hitting off people want to be on people want to know about and i don't know what to do. It's like shit. I ju- i mean. It all depends on on one type of a feedback. You're getting right because you could. You could to monetize this. You could have things like subscriptions you can have you. Can you could put out for example you could put out. A book created a book. Yeah building influence through digital distribution. I talk about how to become a podcast. Or how not just a podcast or social influence have in digital marketing. And what i put in there for who are podcasters. I would say go downloaded. Because i also put in there. Every distribution site that's available as of last year. I'm talking like if you want your podcast in china. I have. I have the district but there. I tr- i translate google translated. Their sites went through found their distribution places for podcast. And then put it. Put it in my book. That's crazy if you whenever india. I have it in their if you wanted or Fucking germany germany. i have in their. Wow i'm i am a guy who can learn anything. I apply myself too. I learned kobi. Audition learned Adobe photoshop and. I'm like i'm doing expert level graphics because i would do it at people to do my graphics but then after a while i started utilizing their techniques. I can look at something. And i can see how it's done just by. I'm very very great looking at something and seeing how it was made how was designed and implemented. And then i can make it better. You can this so much. You can do greg mcgarry yet. But you're sometimes it's it's just starting with one of the one of the project getting that going so for example as an example. If i'm a novice podcast. Let's say right on the getting into this game for like man. I love what you do. Greg like teach. Teach me you know and you might have a course. You've prerecorded if donald year the steps..

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