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Alrighty, Dylan. I watched the president's cup through my television screen. And so I had way worse view than you had. But I watched a good amount of it. I saw the Americans go up very early. I saw a little bit of the internationals, like really fight back. I saw most of that kind of on Twitter with Tom Kim highlights. And then I watched a lot of the Sunday singles, which frankly, like you said, there was a moment there was a short moment. It might have been 15 minutes long. It might have been just been ten or 12 minutes long, where it was like holy cow. It could happen again. If we're not careful here, it could happen again. So I'm curious, what did I miss? Down there on the grounds. When I was back home watching on television, what was I missing? Man, I think you were probably just missing the feeling to some extent, the sounds on the ground. I think more literally if you were at a wedding on Saturday evening, then you really missed the peak of the president's cup. From the international team's perspective, which was what happened when first Tom Kim and then cam Davis hold putts on the 18th hole. And when Kim Davis put went in to secure a three one win for that session to get the internationals back within four points, they ran onto the green and all celebrated together like they had just clinched the cup. And it's funny, even JT said this in the U.S. presser afterwards. You can kind of lose track of what's happening because of what's just happened in the latest session. So he felt like in that moment, okay, hold on. We got to remember, we're still winning, and not only were they winning, they're winning by four points, which is it's not insurmountable, as we've seen. But it's certainly a big, big, big lead to take into singles. So that was the best stretch came on Saturday. That's when the vibes were the highest. That's when the tension was highest. And it took it from a blowout and just an American celebration, which is how it felt Thursday and Friday to an actual golf tournament worth watching. That was great. One thing I really want to understand is like watching from my perspective, it was all these highlights. It was Tom Kim thumping his chest and si whoo Kim doing his thing and cam Davis doing his thing. And so that all, if the Europeans were doing that in the rider cup on American soil, that doesn't really go over well with the home crowd, but was it a little different? Was the fact that they were underdogs pulling these things off, kind of,

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