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Deputy Gibson's humble reaction to praise after a lifesaving rescue in 2018. Everything with Adam is is he's stoic and what I loved about that is we got a lot of media enquiries. One of you hear the story and he begged me. Don't make me do it on, but that's just who he is right Deputy. Gibson is survived by his parents, siblings, wife and nine month old daughter, Sophie. Johnny D. Augustine e News 93.1 KFBK deputy. Gibson was a decorated Marine received the Bronze Star for bravery and a major incident ribbon after his 2018 freeway overpass Rescue More news now with KFC Kay's Joe Michael's Kitty State lawmakers today, blasting the California Employment Development Department over delays in processing legitimate claims and massive fraud that could total more than $30 billion Cave becase. Greg Fishman has more the E D D helps Californians get jobs and processes unemployment claims, But when the pandemic hit and millions more people filed those claims the department couldn't handle it. Reedus Sains is the new director brought in a month ago to fix things, she says. The e D D needs a lot of help. It's not just the technology and the business processes. There's something underlying that we need to get to immediate E. To ensure that there's a drive for modernization. Saints told the joint legislative hearing today that DDT managers hoping to speed up processing all those new claims a year ago, relaxed security protocols and left the department vulnerable to organized fraud. She spent her first month of DDT, figuring out the problems and hiring more call center staff to deal with the backlog. Now she's looking at modernizing technology and process. Greg Fishman News 93.1 KFBK as the Corona virus pandemic rages on. Governor Gavin Newsom has no outline in place to get high school in youth sports back up and running. But he says he's optimistic they'll eventually find a safe way to play. Kfbk is Jensen Raider Has the story let them play rallies across Northern California have become more prominent in recent weeks as students and parents Colin Governor Newsome to allow for use sports to resume lawsuits have been filed. Adding to the pressure on the governor. He says he understands the importance of bringing back youth sports. We want to see this happen. We want to do it safely, and a lot of great dad has been provided by the same groups that are suing us while not commenting on how or when contact sports like football, soccer or endorse Paul. It's like volleyball can resume. He did say he is optimistic. California is one step closer. I'm very, very hopeful that we can find a compromise here, and I believe that's possible. As long as these case rates continue to move in the direction they're moving Jensen Raider News 93.1 KFBK Governor Gavin Newsom appears to be inching closer to naming a new attorney general to replace Javi Airbus era. A number of potential replacements have been mentioned, including US Congressman Adam Schiff, California Assemblyman Rob Bonta Contra Costa County, D, a. Diane Bactine and Sacramento Mayor Gerald Steinberg. But Sarah hasn't yet been confirmed as President Joe Biden Self and human Services secretary. Newsome's appointment would serve the remaining two years of the Sierras term. It's four or six on the KFBK. Afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil. All right, Joe Michael's here. Thank you. And the Hollywood awards season delayed this year because of cover 19 is underway. Now, with today's announcement of the Golden Globe nomination, CBS News correspondent Steve Futterman has details. This is the film that could be this year's Oscar favorite. You may never work in this town Again, Man make the story of Hollywood screenwriter Herman Maker which has the most Golden Globe nomination six. The Globes, of course, are off. In the barometer of which films will do well that the Oscars other notable nominees, the film version of Hamilton in the acting categories. The late Chadwick Boseman is a nominee along with Sasha Baron Cohen and the power of Netflix is more evident than ever. It dominates all studios with 42 nominations. Steve Futterman, CBS News, Los Angeles Okay. 407, now in Kpk, and that for 11 will talk about your poll today. This is about the CDC, saying today schools can safely reopened without teachers getting vaccinated course reopening schools has been a big point of contention. A lot of areas. So we'll be taking your pound to 50 calls on that one and going to our give Vic a Twitter poll. But first at 407 here, it kfbk we're going to get you caught up to speed on what's happening nationally on news 9 to 3.1 kfbk.

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