Senator Heather Sanborn, Rachel Talbott Ross, Portland discussed on Native Opinion Podcast an American Indian Perspective


Well, I've been told that there's a multifaceted reasons as to why that happened. And maybe they'll shed some light on that in the article here. But senator Heather Sanborn Democrat in Portland described the bill as the civil rights issue of our era in Maine. Quoting, I will be proud to support this bill for that reason. Quoting Sanborn again. The bill LD one 6 two 6 was sponsored by assistant House majority leader Rachel talbott Ross Democrat in Portland and was amended and endorsed by the judiciary committee and an 8 to 6 vote on Tuesday. 8 to 6. So it did narrowly pass in the committee. Now, the bill was opposed by one Democrat member who was recommending additional amendments and all of the Republican committee members held a brief caucus before the vote, but not but did not explain their opposition. So the Republicans voted against it. Now, the article goes on to say, during the work session, Republicans questioned a range of details, including the impacts of tax changes and expanded tribal jurisdiction in court matters. Where have we heard that before? And conservation of wildlife management and where have we heard that before? And whether tribes could regulate, here's a good one. Here's one that will grab you by the short hairs. And whether tribes could regulate wastewater discharges from municipalities upstream from tribal territory. So they're discharging wastewater above and upstream of tribal territory. So how long has that been going on I wonder? Decades? Surely decades. And why are they discharging wastewater? Upstream from tribal territory. They have to know that that wastewater is going to go downstream. And it's going to impact the tribes that live downstream from those wastewater discharges. So now they're.

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