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Of New York's Elaine slain. And McSweeney are the Romagna of the future mark my words this is the future of real housewives of New York and I could not be anymore excited. Do I love Ramona of course Ramona and Sonia were perfection back in their day. I'm still on team Sonya. I think she's amazing. I'm always here for Sonia but Ramona. I think we can all agree that. Her ship has sailed and well Elaine in. Lia were very willing to disclose some hilarious information about her. That was just a gift to all. This is exactly what we all needed in the middle of this really tough week. Elaine how to Cameo? She started by talking so much shit about Ramona. The cameos started out with the lease and she started trashing Ramona saying you know Ramona goes on and on and on about Oliver Friends if she has fifty friends well, let's say she is forty nine 'cause I am done. And, then she says I have a friend. Here wants to tell you something so all of a sudden Queen Leah floats out from another room and appears goes straight up to the camera and says. Ramona shits during sex and elise continues to crack up she like playfully covered lease mouth, and then just laughed and laughed and laughed and finished off with saying, will there you have it and I stand? I stand Elise Istan Leah. I know so many of us have loved Leah. Since moment one and she has done nothing, but deliver, so thank you Leah McSweeney, but I would like to take this opportunity to be disgusting and give you all a big I told you so because I have said that lease is gold from day one, and though so many of you shunned me. Laughed questioned my judgment. You have come around and let me just say. I forgive you. I forgive you. and. That's all that matters. We have enough fighting in this world, and we are moving on and thank God for Cameo that Cameo that went viral was everything. Let's move onto Thursday's news. This was really exciting. I don't know about you, guys. What are your thoughts on dancing with the stars I think it's a terrible show like I think it is so boring. The format is so stale I. Don't like the dancing I mean. Obviously it's a talented. The dancing is beautiful, but it's too much of the same for me. It lasts too long. My list of qualms with dancing with the stars could go on, and on the fact that there is not stars on the show. It's lake dealers CELEB-. Of It is just a mess well. I've always been a Tom Cruise. Fan No shade, but it was revealed that Tom Bergeron and his co host Erin Andrews got the boot so queen tyra banks could take over and let me just say that I have never been excited about dancing with the stars, but with Tyra. I might just have to start tuning in. They said that Tyra is bringing her own brand to the show so I'm. I'm very excited that it's going to be maybe a little bit more diverse than it had been in the past and as much as I like Tom, Bergeron I was not a huge fan of Erin Andrews. I found her very boring. TYRA is so entertaining. If you were in America's next top model fan I'm right there with you. She was phenomenal on that show. Didn't watch GT. America's got talent. I did watch it when Howard Stern was the host because I stand Howard. He's my favorite. He's been my inspiration. You know in broadcasting. I went to school to be journalism like I think he is so amazing. The show was unwatchable even with Howard Stern now I'm talking about America's got talent. I guess I couldn't even watch the season with. Howard Stern and I love Howard. That's how I just couldn't get into that show, but I guess tire ahead. Eventually became the host and took over after Nick Cannon. Left and people did not love her as a host on GT, so a lot of people are from the Oh. She talked on GT. You don't want to see her on dancing with the stars. I'm here for it. I'm here to try it. I don't know her in this type of hosting competition show so much. That's not modeling based so I'm here for it. I'm going to give her a try. And hopefully it's amazing and bring some life to that boring ass show. Also in Thursday's news, we learned from Dr Sell that the real housewives of Beverly Hills. Reunion was being filmed via zoom, and that happened on Thursday. We learned on Thursday also that Brandy Glanville had not been invited to the reunion filming, but she will have a solo one on one with Andy at some point, so that's very promising. We woke up Friday morning to some news linked to Thursday's. The Zoom Reunion was filmed. And by Friday morning the followings had become viral on social media. It looks like. Like pretty much everybody on the cast, it looks like Oursel- and denise have unfought load basically everybody on the cast. That is very disheartening. I'm really upset. How are these women being so hard on denise right now? And why is it Oursel-? The only person sticking up for her very disappointed in this year she has been a horrendous friend, and just how mean they are on. This show is becoming very old. Oh speaking of being mean on TV. Let's talk about Lisa. Vander pomp I'm Lisa Vander pump fan. I'm not saying that in a shady way, but she can be shady. That's part of her brand. Just as much nobody wants us. Nobody wants this, but we're getting in any. How terrible was last season of Beverly Hills with the whole stupid thing? Can you believe that they're giving vander? Pump dogs its own damn show and I feel like Regina George Right now telling Gretchen wieners fetches never going to happen, but I feel like I need to tell Bravo that peacock is never going to happen like. Why are they pushing this on us? Like people who already have Bravo? Why are you selling peacock? An aside peacock is a new streaming service. But if you're watching anything on Bravo, there are these huge peacock goes. They are trying to convince us so hard to download peacocking insult, dude. We already have this content. Why don't you put this on? People's TV's that don't have the channel. Thanks very much. It's never going to happen. Peacock I'm especially considering they're bringing vander pump dogs..

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