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To watch the celtics against the bucks surprise i wanted to tell you i w i tell you guys this come on sure if you listen to my movie podcast however or the movie podcast i mentioned that you should watch punish on the afflicts notes on a movie it's a netflix show but it's thirteen episodes of you watch it back to back to back to back it's like it's kinda like a really really well movie be sure watch it because really good that's my surprise that's my recommendation is great super realistic i like when superheroes and have a whole bunch of powers because it seemed like a requiresal now writing you can't just have someone is fighting a massive you can have some one fighting a massive burst of plasmatic energy all the time it's it gets kinda boring so you guys to watch it from the casting it the casting his great they show the evolution of the jigsaw character and i just want to say that there was a sensational performance by on burnt though it was great he's the guy shane from walking dead if you never walking dead than surprise surprise you've been probably living under some rock for the last several years but he wasn't even really on walking dead that long ago so it it wouldn't really doing that references and doing things for you i blame me i blame have you ever seen enough about a blame me that was a bad reference missy pretty good at analogies and references but i'll let you guys know on that one take coresponsibility at that you guys for joining me for another episode of the g s emcee bath low park asked on the gsm park asked network live long and prosper.

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