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But I just wanted to follow up on question which was a good one and essential cucumber melon. Hugh cumbersome Mellon was the Baffin body were spotty spray of the wherever late nineties, early thousand cucumber, melon bath and body works them, sent them baffled by works cake. French, French grapefruit Mellon, do cover melon, cucumber melon, grapefruit, Millan when she said that I was like that is the name. I remember. But I also remember the, the rose one that you mentioned I mean it's totally first of all, this, this is totally like generational. It's like. The, the sense did change like if I said to you gap dream member that sent like perfume at gap. That's like a very specific like if you're thirty something in two thousand nineteen you at once intellect, the gap sense, but yeah, the, the spray that happened when I was in middle school was strawberries, and champagne or whatever, strawberries and ship was Victoria, secret flavor. Yeah, this is your bed, bath, and body works, as cucumber melon, and right. Because there's where the gingham display thinking design. Yeah, I didn't really go far with my with my spray. My spray purchase was a pure peer pressure purchase a pure peer pressure purchase. And then I realized it was disgusting. It's like fully disgusting. And then I like never use it. And then it sat in the guest bathroom essentially, like years years until my mom like had the balls to throw it out. Why didn't Yankee candle ever mega body, spray, like I want to smell like home. Sweet home. Good question. Good question ever wanted to smell like a Yankee candle..

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