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Arrange a couple of calls at least i would be delighted if that's possible but given that all i have is cell phone point and i have the what's app app there's any you know this when did you have internet it doesn't cost anything no matter where your it's amazing but i don't take this station can figure that one out but on an occasion to call in briefly maybe we can pull that one off in the meantime some topics joe july will be the fiftieth anniversary of humanity which was i was pope paul paul the humanity to yes and this is an exquisitely intriguing article in this saturday sunday wall street journal i just want to quote one small part of it says it's quoting pope paul agonized over his decision for two years after receiving the reports and now it's supposedly quoting him how many times have we felt in that i don't normally speak with the people we but what the heck him how many times have we felt the inadequacy of our poor person to cope with the former little apostolic obligation of having to make your pronouncement on this matter he later recounted in his speech striking for its raw expression of vulnerability despite the formal diction use of the people we i there was just something so marvelously open me about a pope sharing agony in distress an inner awareness that whatever he determined or allowed i guess it was his decision but whatever came out in this circle would have an enormous impact on the entire catholic world and i just turned out on politics around the world for those who don't know is it is it would it be fair to call it the definitive teaching at this point on about catholic follow systems notion about birth control oh yeah i think so i mean before that though i think it's important the church's teaching had been very clear before then as well constant can newbie was was was a document that later so so he wasn't laying new ground i think that's important to recall but rather at a time in the history of the church in the world where the culture was was embracing contraception.

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