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Eighty four four walmart is investigating a photo that purports to show a sign reading own the school year like a hero displayed a topic case filled with guns in one of its store photo is been making the rounds on social media drawing comments of outrage and mentions of school shootings walmart spokesman says the photo is consistent with the interior of its stores but the company hasn't determined which one or if the images even real at walmart says what seen in this photograph would never be acceptable in its doors rich thomason reporting hundreds of people in richmond packed a contentious community meeting to weigh in on what should be done with the city's confederate monuments local media report more than five hundred people gathered wednesday night at the virginia historical society the meeting was the first of two public comment sessions that had been scheduled as a commission appointed by the mayor studies that in context the statues or building new ones news and analysis at town hall dot com i'm keith peters and the lawsuit claims elected officials violate people's free speech rights by blocking them on social media the american civil liberties union this week sued maine governor paul a page and sent warning letters the utah's congressional delegation that followed reached with lawsuits against governors of bear ledee and kentucky and pressing trump the president's use of twitter and allegations he blocks people with dissenting views has raised questions about water elected officials can and cannot do on their social media pages most officials say they do police social media mostly to get where the people who post abusive messages by new reporting ousted fox news channel star bill o'reilly is launched an experimental video comeback with a daily online show initial halfhour was posted on his website wednesday for premium subscribers the rich and aiding from what he calls a new.

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