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Pretty good with those fans who were right in front of us. Yeah i should have probably refrained from a few choice word now now now i mean you're nice to them. They were idiots. You were nice. I was very nice. Yes it's a four point game five seventeen ago. This is preseason game and seeing this was definitely the most shut ups we've ever had and thank you. That's why i'm sort of leaning fake. I don't think jack's quite that aggressive is he. I think he. I think he likes to have fun. But all those shot ops. I think that's because we have seen jackass. He's a man of the people even like he gets out there and people love jack and jack loves them. he's the raptors fans. He's no but i think he's one of those ones that people i think he's more universally versus love than anyone really hates jack. Why could you hate jack. How could you hijack that's fair. I have to say. I have to say j. j. matt devlin was actually spot on onto very big carrying that devlin level straight shooter too high. Not too low draws out syllables. Just perfectly but yeah. I agree so so lease leaning like that was a fake one. Mainly because of jack's aggression. I mean maybe jackson gresham comes from him sounding a little bit like an jack armstrong. Doing tony soprano a little bit. I'm i do the level of detail. That jd is devlin brought. I think that rings a little bit true to me. Devlin loves to fill a silence. He'll hit you with la. He's famous for from brampton or whatever. The guy has a deep bag of references to pull from so. I think i'm leaning real here. It's extended to which you know kind of makes sense in a preseason game literally no clue at this point if there were blowouts in the preseason for the raptors which would give matt and jack a lot to talk about skied. You're gonna be on you. Buddies dishes real. Okay let me talk this through. First off yeah. Jd's devlin fantastic tacitly. Your jack got better better over four. Yeah i agree. It's gotten better over the years. I can't do jack justice but yeah it's got better. Yeah yeah it's weird that if this is fake you decided to put it in the preseason. Okay why do you say that. I just seems like a me. look crazy. so that's just a that's a really weird attention to detail to try and fake soda. I guess. But i don't even think you would think of that. I don't i don't think you would just put it in the regular season. And if you were making it up if you were writing this so i also think because it's in the preseason that jack is little feisty mealy maybe maybe dropping like the little shut up recalling back to those utah fans and you know again. This could just be great writing from task here but it makes sense that he would if he were to get into sort of like a little squabble with any fan base i can see the utah jazz fans being the ones. So so that sorta checks the box for me for real. I think it's real specially that attention to detail like you said. Tk of devlin talking about the cough button and the talk back button data. Classic devlin like he'll he'll just peel back the curtain and let you know how it goes down so i'm ultimately going to go with trae here and i'm going to say i'm going to say it's real all right. Jd let's reveal it.

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