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As my bus crashed into chaos at Southland center mall. It happened. Earlier this evening on your Rica road. Police not releasing any information on injuries, though reports say that several were injured more as we get it. Madison custody accused of threatening to kill his family back east. He was picked up this afternoon after police in Pennsylvania, Michigan state police of his alleged plan to travel home and shoot his family. It's to be a no vote on Brad Kavanagh from North Dakota's, Heidi Heitkamp, one of the few democratic senators who've been undecided on the Associated Press White House. Reporter Jill Coleman says GOP senators are hoping to vote and get this over with that midterm elections are all about how excited or how angry, you know, those base voters are, but they feel like the president certainly feels like he is hit on one issue. Here where I might impact. Republicans turn out. Democratic Senator Joe Manchin says he's still not decided how he would vote. Seven new earth-like planets discovered some are already planning their exodus, John and this is your air minute through the efforts of astronomers either nationally from all different backgrounds, working cooperatively and diligently in the search for other life supporting planets known as Exo planets hit on something very big about forty light years away orbiting calmly around their Jupiter sized host star called Trappist one at least seven planets well suited for atmosphere. Characterization have been revealed, according to the technical journal article published in nature dot com. The careful observations of data from the multiple telescopes dotted around the globe opened the window to these Exo planets using an observation method called transit signals were injures are generated when the planet passes in front of their host star. From those integer ratios, astronomers can derive all kinds of information like a planet size mass temperature and distance from its host star astonishingly the seven planets detected have equilibrium temperatures low enough to make possible the presence of liquid water on their surface, the idea of getting to this relatively. Closely neighboring solar system is a bit far fetched. But not completely unimaginable. Nasa already has articles published on the theoretical propulsion system of warp travel as well as their discovery of hidden portals in the earth's magnetic field creating direct pathways to distant points in our own solar system, and possibly others. If we were able to land on one of Travis ones planets, the sky scenery would be quite literally out of this world. The tight orbits of the seven planets would make some of them visible to observers from the surface interplanetary travel between worlds in the Trappist one system, even assuming rockets no speedier than those built by NASA.

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