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Friend from Philly dot com. He's listening to us right now in Tennessee. And he's out there. Covering college basketball at the tournament. He said, of course, you know, Irv Smith junior's father, he played the National Football League for a while like we talked about and the uncool was Ed Smith both of them start at south Jersey's Pemberton high school. Now, I took a look on Ed Smith because they knew about the data didn't know that the oil was in the National Football League is well he played bounce around practice squad. Ninety six then played from ninety seven to ninety nine falcons eagles and lions so matches up with the caller as well. I think he also does a talk show too. And phoenix. Oh. Maybe his brother too. So. Oh interesting there, but he did win. It was actually champion with the falcons in ninety eight as well. Let's see the phone calls. Dave and Boston, Dave. Go ahead. Thanks for taking my call. I wish I was just amazed at that phone call before how somebody can compare what Robert Kraft got four and somebody like, you know, Kareem hunt. I mean, these crimes what Robert Kraft did not violent at all. Now where I think they should punish him is the six games or whatever and the half a million dollar fine. But they could strip him of his negotiating like they're headed negotiating for the contracts with the TV and all the other stuff strip and move from that because of his bad such terrible judgment. He had but people that are comparing a year or lose a team, or you know. All their draft picks. I mean, it's just ridiculous. Yeah. The only way the only way the only way that this gets really two ways that it gets really ugly for craft is if that video does emerge because that does harm the image of the league. And then if he had any evolvement in the sex trafficking part of it, but still there's been no charges on on that front. So. One of the spot. There's there's not been any sex trafficking charges. Right. And obviously, there's bigger fish in the story, the Robert Kraft. So I think if there's any sex traffic, you know, angle to this. I think are already come out. But I don't think there is. But like I said, it's not even the same realm of crime. It's a non violent climb. It's a misdemeanor as opposed to a felony assault or Kareem hunt. You know? And like I said, I if they want to strip him of his negotiating power, I'm all for that. Because in judgment was very poor and the situation. Thank you for taking my call. No problem. Dave. Appreciate it. Yeah. You gotta compare a situation at least that'd be compatible. That's why. And I pulled up a player that got popped for prostitution because to me you can't compare going into massage. Parlor if it's just that to hitting a woman or hitting a kid to me, it's it's not. Comparable. Bob, Dallas, Texas, Bob. Go ahead. Thanks for having me on certainly not trying to compare Kareem hunt tyreek hill but thinking about Dallas Cowboys here, you got Randy Gregory, David Irving, obviously, some drug abuse going on just curious. Your thoughts on maybe the Dallas Cowboys are too much of a Cuevas organization right now. Maybe there's not enough discipline going on. Maybe there's not enough structure within the coaching and just overall organization to keep things straight. I'd take chances and they've had a lot of off the field problems Cowboys. They have a nice season last year. And you know, what as much as I like to bash Jerry Jones and get on Jason Garrett. They're able to find a way to get that team going in the right direction and get to the playoffs and went around and then lose in the division around some organizations, they take chances some don't and some organizations when you take a chance at ends up working and sometimes take a chance on someone and it doesn't want to take a look at organization that's had more success than anybody since two thousand one the pats. And we'll go to the ultimate extreme they took a chance on Aaron Hernandez. It clearly did not work. And then you had to release him. And we know he went to jail than we know what happened when he went to jail now to go on a smaller level they've taken chances on other guys as well that have been quote unquote, locker room problems. Or had suspension. Look, Josh, Gordon. And sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. So at the Cowboys yet do they take chances. Absolutely. And that's why the situation does present itself where tyreek hill gets released now if he gets charged and he gets convicted. And he goes to jail. He's worry about football for a while. May have to worry about football ever. Again. However, though, if no charges happened, and he ends up getting cut. Well team give him a chance. Maybe. However, this is the second time we've now seen something with tyreek hill, but we still have to wait and see what happens with this one. We know what happened the first time. We'll have to see what happens second time around. We'll talk some hoops. And that McMahon next that coach Murray state also give you some more college basketball thoughts is we do continue to roll along Zach yelp show on CBS sports radio. Here's John vacillated. CBS sports update. Sports flash back rank Duke the third seat in the ACC tournament overcame eight thirteen point first half deficit. They add second-seeded and third ranked North Carolina seventy four seventy three Zion. Williamson with his second straight monster game pouring in thirty one points to go along with eleven boards. Blue devils will take on fourth seat at Florida state in the ACC finals to twelve Seminoles upset top seeded and second ranked Virginia sixty nine fifty nine. Meanwhile, in the SEC quarter second-seeded anyth- rank Tennessee trying to avoid a fourth loss. Any gains Gopi hill. Drive around Perry. Not a foul is going to be called out. Water was baby. Kissling Bertel came from learfield. IMG college Admiral Scofield sailing through the air for two of his twenty points as Valentine's knock off Mississippi State, Eighty-three seventy six elsewhere, Kansas. Put it into West Virginia Cinderella, Ron eighty eight sixty eight hall hostile pass Marquette, eighty.

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