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But he kind of glanced back, and he like, you know, like good, I cut it a knife or something, you know, glancing back like as he was doing out the door kept looking back in like, I was gonna go for his ass or something, you know. Yes. You work USA, man. That's that's cool. Man. I'm talking about Syria story by the Don Spangler. Done Spangler, man. I is this is a real guy. Donald sterling, man. Tell you you don't know that that's Donald sterling he's a guy that dated your sister named Donald. I don't know who all I would say this mystery is yesterday's I was watching the news conference, and I began to refer to him as Donald Spangler. It all started add up go down Stander yesterday was banned for life in the NBA and Spengler and his wife Rochelle Spangler. Maybe that's not even her name. Mrs Spangler, you know, and done Spangler, and this and that and this and that, you know, it all ended up I don't know how that adds up. I really honestly, you know, I could call him. How Guiterrez just gave up ownership of the clippers today. Yeah. You could. Yeah. You could. All right. What would that do? Well, that would take it that we picked investigation different direction. Okay. Well, thank you very much. Dave. We'll we'll be looking into the Don Spangler story. I can tell you sure span gays that is laughing at you. I don't care. I'm continuing investigation. And I will tell you out to you when I get something else. I'll be when I get you get it like you, let the Missouri. Okay. That's fine. I mean, I'm not dismissing out of hand just saying, you don't you don't have anything here, man. We talking about man what I'm talking about is. I know what I'm talking. You. Don't have anything you got nothing. The guy's name is Donald Spangler and Spangler you did it by sister. Just because he dated your sister doesn't mean he. Okay. Forget it man. Just because he. I think I know what you're gonna say general doesn't mean if you date Dave of his sister. You don't automatically own the clippers, right? Well, I don't know. It's interesting. There's there's a left there to pick through mo-. There isn't there's nothing there about David Spangler you up his name apparently, Donald Spangler. Yeah. But they did he is known as Dave Spangler. All right. So here's where we are. Now, we got a guy by the name of Donald sterling owns the clippers, and I'm supposed to believe that his real name or a name that he uses is Dave Spangler, and he is moving ice through North Korea. Right. I sport shirts and cameras, ice, sport shirts and cameras guy. That is worth three billion dollars, well filled out this this how did he Vegas Bill? You got a lot people this guy a slum Lord. Sure, he might have made his money with the real estate. But you don't know it could very well be that that money dried up after that federal lawsuit or head to pay out something like two point nine million fish in the dish. Would you? Please get water. I don't think his real estate empire dried up as the result of that general say that again, I've getting water. I don't think his real estate enterprise is real estate empire dried up as the result of that. Okay. Why are you yelling? I'm right here. Jesus. I don't think. What is it? What you guys don't come creeping in here. Let me know you're you're about to sit down. Well, I like to take a big wide, you turn and go around you and behind you then sit down so I just appear I figure it's better that way. No feels very nervous freaks me out. Now, I forget what I was saying talk about Dave Spangler and how he's been a longtime motoring Ben beat in the bendy bay. The NBA Dave Spangler is doing to get outta here with Dave Spangler..

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