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But hang on. I'll explain in a moment. Iheartradio has given wonks their own radio station. Washington's walk FM, listen inside the beltway at one zero four point seven throughout the DMV at one zero one point one HD two or ask your smart speaker to play Washington's log FM on iheartradio. Suffering from sleep apnea, seven times more likely to be involved in or pause. Fetal car accident. Twenty times more likely to suffer from high blood pressure. Times more likely to suffer a stroke. One times more likely to suffer a hard copy sleep. May only sound like story. Sleep apnea is a serious and even life threatening condition. But it can be successfully treated. Consult with an oral and facial surgeon is part of the sleep medicine team to find out if your snoring is more than just north Irwin facial surgeons are the experts in face mouth and Joe surgery. Learn more about obstructive sleep apnea at mine mascot. The possibility of lung cancer can be pretty scary, especially if you're approximately million current or former smokers in high risk. That's why c by the skin dot who wants you to know that now there's a breakthrough low dose CT Scandic can detect lung cancer early. And it only takes sixty seconds, you stopped smoking. Now start screening for an easy quiz to see if you're eligible visit Saint by the skin dot org. It could save your life by the skin dot org is brought to you by the American lung association force initiative and the Ad Council. We are live outside the home of Joe and Rosie guttered. We're a pretty big tickle fight broke out just minutes ago. Sources say their father instigated the laughter. Let's go inside for comment. Apparently, they have no comment dad's. Let.

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