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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Nora Raum. The number of deaths in Italy from Corona virus shot up fifty seven percent Sunday the largest daily increased since the outbreak surface. Just over two weeks ago. Npr's Sylvia Poggioli reports northern. Italians are trying to adapt new measures that of put a quarter of the population under quarantine the Civil Protection Agency announced the death toll rose to three hundred sixty six Sunday from one hundred and thirty three the day before and the total number of cases left from about fifty eight hundred to more than seventy three hundred another record spike. The latest numbers were issued hours after the government put the entire northern region of Lamberti and fourteen provinces in neighboring regions under total quarantine until April. Third the Cordell sanitaire will encircle sixty million people in an effort to curb further spread of the disease. The new measures me. Nobody could get in or out of the red zones unless they can show evidence of urgent professional or health needs so people jolie. Npr News Rome even as the number of infection continues to rise a top global health. Expert says is not too late to contain the virus. Npr's is amon reports frus- our is a senior advisor to the director. General of the World Health Organization. He says as much as it might look like the world is in the midst of a global corona virus pandemic. We're actually seeing is a series of krona virus outbreaks in each country. Whose long as you have. These discreet outbreaks. There's there's the opportunity to control them. That's a big message that we saw in China one of the big surprises. China has reduced new infections from highs of two thousand to less than one hundred but our who led a recent fact-finding mission to China says we shouldn't attribute China's success to its most unprecedented strategy the lockdown of cities at the epicenter of the outbreak in many more locations he says the approach was less draconian and focused on identifying and isolating cases and their close contacts that he says is really making the difference Eisenman. Npr News after being locked out of power for twenty years. Democrats in Virginia have advanced big changes on everything from strengthening gun. Laws to loosening abortion restrictions. Ben Paver from member station. Vpn has more Democrats have moved to decriminalize. Marijuana pass new gun laws on do some restrictions on abortions and raise the minimum wage those bills all languished when Republicans ran the show but president. Trump's fueled backlash in Virginia that gave Democrats the muscle. They needed to push the bills. To Governor. Ralph northbound's desk. Virginia also became the thirtieth state to ratify the equal rights amendment. David Kling was at a rally on Sunday to celebrate. When.

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