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What's interesting today is the meteoric token of A. Click, check that this time sweat they might pull across that. We couldn't do that in with because like I said, we don't allow laws Yechury. So we need to work with you know the English the Scottish could show that knows that you. There, different Moses earn some. Than there are two here in Wales and England. So inundated ways I rose are exactly the same because it's the same judicially. Northern Ireland has differed issue as. Rian please as well. old up these forces a different. You. Often have question about that looking after the lockdown. hodges. Sits twenty ten and it goes back to those cuts while I was mentioned at the beginning of the. Since twenty read. There has been a over twenty thousand police officers. So? The government pro in is at across call you UK Crosses the WHO UK because. You. Know cuts in by the government because of A. Taraji. Across the WHO now talk about people like why don't they just deploy the off? Well. I. Can tell you but it divided the only. Because the station, Yami said the soldiers could bake wallets. Either support the NHS in delivering goods and services. For the supply chain. And you know supporting the giants for offering medical treatment building feel hospitals. In stadiums. You know places like. Do you want them to say no to the justice of. June. I mean have been with tackle with because. Lying Ted, some people wickham and he dresses senior managers. So you know come from Nissim backgrounds. Oh medical backgrounds. You know what I mean would eat Rahva those people being covered by someone in the military. So they can go go back and treat patients. You know we're in a diamond. At if they call on to do just like the senior manager of the just keep the hands Juno what I mean. They. Face now every day. How those individuals, those doctors health care. People how do they get paid by the government Is it a set wage? and. How do they determine that wage? Every person was Indiana just some a band attached to it. So I'm the a Orissa's eight. Obviously, you know if you've got a good the trying to coach. Ready Justice. Some benefits and you know consultant but when this is. There upon day on Bouncy. The also depicts a book that Ron is a not says much. Will be paid. This is what they will get, but it also if as y you live. Every news on the same amount of You could be working in Atlanta justice debate. Any just trust? Now, twenty minutes away. Dumped West Wales you're in a different dress trusted self on order these trusts come under whales Aaron Wealth. So there you know it's a different area, but there will link to do you know what I mean. They're all obstacles say minister narrow. Ob sprite government sir. It's all. Just, they have like local manages some sense. Is there tension? is their contention between the people because of difference in pays. A. Berry intervals. They seem. She. Remembers hearing the cates. Out Dry say it's not. It's not Any are funded. Let's put. A. The Conservatives always talking about. Giving them a a a, what is it? They're doing a remarkable job we need to them. Every says the I feel of this is the biggest IPO. Because a year. Ago Or. Johnson most of the cabinet or fact in the House of Commons voted against even the energizer payrise. Dot, would beat across the board because. Of The we have deletion in Wales uninstall to Northern Ireland money comes from the UK government to run these institutions. So. If they vote down something for the English at s you know. A financial bill. It gets voted down for the rest of the day. Because the money is always made in devolve budget. So whether developed bunch is we've got. Some money from A. Do they call it. The Bonnet formula stacks. How much gets this other than we get money then it's up to the the Welsh government how it's spent. So, if they were going to do something in interest like increase off state, they would. They would put this money into. Formula. So. Into another formula that whales guts and then all the from. What I mean to. Wales. So they can do the same. So they can't confront the Ritz. So you take. Control. The any chest in the tens all. Funding, but in terms of delivering the service. They, have no say in Wales. Very complicated. Isn't it the digestion? So? We've kind of invite a difference between the UK and America's politics and how it's delivered and allocated about. So yeah, I find that very interesting over here. It's there would be brawls and fistfights and. Good. Things like. This something that's different. So see I, have to get a prescription for my gp every month other repeat scriptum. Now here in way of paid subscriptions that free. So you prescription you good to the psalms EU cashier prescription, you get your drugs. In England state. You pay ten pounds for Back to those charges to know what I mean. In England, you pay ten pounds of talk for your prescription. While you it now when I lived in drug because I live in England about ten years ago for a couple of months but I was Unique last time. And basically. If I catch a Welsh description in Ingram, it would be free. If I an English prescription in Wales. I would have to pay. If. That makes sense interest. Like that you know even though I'm a Welsh. So it shouldn't matter when my fiction was coming pro you know. Because, yet it'd make hangs. Yeah. It's demarcation in. Quite funniest, they've just sent transports to the Welsh Assembly..

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