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Think that this the same kinds of police, they tactics can be used on them. Imagine applying the standard of Justice to say, like a, a black guy who gets killed by a cop. We didn't find any evidence that the guy was innocent. I mean, come on. Yeah. I know you know, I did a lot of research on Muller of especially last year. I went through all the old documents like all the all the lawyers for the four guys were framed in Boston. And they sent me various one semi lot of stuff and a one of the one of the arguments that was made. One time, the, the state was looking for evidence scullery evidence. This was before the civil trial Muller was the was the director of the FBI at the time. This was in his early years as director, and the state said, can you send us any evidence and they said, well, you know, the we may have evidence that they didn't commit these crimes. But you know, that's just a that's just grounds for appeal. There's no there's. There's still grounds for believing they committed other crimes that weren't serving thirty five year life sentences some of them on death row. For other crimes. They were serving them for a crime a murder that they didn't commit that was committed by FBI informants, that Muller's Federal Bureau of investigation was trying to protect and now they're trying to protect the deep state. That's what this empire investigation was all about. That's what the Steele dossier was all about. And you know what again, it goes back. Jody Jennifer, the conservatory house of said this, this, this goes back to Admiral Rogers at the national security administration, pulling the pulling the right of contractors to what dip into the databases, I e spying on Americans and once he once he stopped that they needed a fallback strategies and alibis, as it were to what to explain what they had done, and that's that everything. Has followed from there. I mean think about that, Peter strucks testimony, they kept asking him direct questions. So I can't I can't answer because there's an investigation going on. So now, now they're sitting now, they're saying they were, they were leaking stuff to, to, to all the fake news outlets that the New York Times, the Washington Post CNN to a lesser degree MSNBC, and that was that was okay for them to leak information. But now they're concerned that deeply concerned. The latest one is Senator Mark Warner of the ranking member of the Senate intelligence committee from Virginia. He's very concerned that attorney general bar is going to leak classified information for polit- partisan purposes. Oh, you mean like you guys have been doing for three years? It's preposterous you know at various points during the press conference that, and it was it was a press conference. He didn't take any questions. It was only eight minutes long. He said at one point, they didn't have enough evidence to charge the president, with obstruction of Justice. And then at another point, he said they, they, they couldn't have charged him anyway, because of the O L C the office of legal counsel in the Justice department. So I mean, which was it? This is why you're not allowed under DOJ guidelines to have these kinds of press conferences, exonerate or, you know, announcing you're not going to file charges. This was even more outrageous than, than than Komi press conference, exonerating or not exonerating, Hillary Clinton. I mean so so in twenty 2016 Komi says while there's clear evidence she violated the law and committed crimes, but no reasonable prosecutor, what indictor so today it was the reverse. That was that was no evidence, but Trump did anything but we can't exonerate him as opposed to Hillary Clinton. There was evidence that she that she committed crimes. She violated the espionage act among other things, and we're not gonna prosecutor, there's two standards here. One for Democrats and one for Republicans eight four four five hundred forty two forty two yeah. Obama weaponize, the agency says four one three I mean that's pretty clear. Yeah, I, I know. Eight four four five hundred forty two forty two. Let's see Pete, you're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead Pete. Hi. Forty million dollars. And all we got to show for it as a dog and pony show. Cover-up continue shell. Now, as you got, Jerry Nadler, Herman gearing running around. Who doesn't have a brain doesn't have a cool about the legal the Justice system in this country, yet he's run the show and he's doing doing nothing on Aleppo grandstanding. How would I, I know I know they and they keep saying, well, we, you know, we didn't find the evidence they had five hundred witnesses. They had a they had a million four hundred thousand documents or pieces of paper. Anyway, they had they had nineteen angry. Democrat lawyers. They had forty angry democrat FBI agents being what more did they need Pete. And they couldn't find a sentelle of evidence that he did anything. Try this. Why don't we take and get Fox News like CNN they got CNN is five o'clock in the morning. Six o'clock in the morning and stakeout stakeout, and all the rest of the gig ankle after nether and the rest of the. No. Look, look what happened. The Ken Starr when he was going after Bill Clinton, who, by the way did commit crimes who did have to pay Paula Jones, eight hundred fifty thousand dollars who did have to give up his law license I e he was disbarred, and every morning. They would stake out his home at dawn, you know, like like he was Roger stone and Muller got a total pass until he issued the report, which did exonerate, the president, despite what he says, and then they started going after a mature on Easter Sunday, being because he had he hit hit the wandered off the resume democrat reservation, thanks for the call Pete Russ. You're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead. Russ. Is that Washington scumbag, all I could think of us as ago fallen dead, your honorable the give their lives for the freedom of this country? And I also thought of the passengers that ninety three flight ninety three Americans that sacrifice being alive to save the United States senators, a United States, congressman right? Makes me sick and really the best came out of that individual. What you think about this? Okay. You're either innocent guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Right. First of all, say that he was innocent. They wouldn't say that he was guilty in why. Because they have Joe. Okay. That is the most ridiculous statement I've ever heard from anybody. That's involved in law. How come how come the president of the United States has less fewer rights to presumption of innocence than groping Baker, Charlie? Baker son who allegedly groped that woman on the plane last year. Right. They won't say they won't say, boo. The feds won't say boo about that case because that those are the rules yet, yet they this guy can go out there and say, and say they can exonerate appraisal in one for the others. Yep. I know I know. Thanks, thanks for the call. Russ. Five await says this net does Nadler, remind you of general Burkhalter on on. Well he, he does look a little like, general Burkhalter. I don't think they're very similar, though, L politely. Eight four four five hundred forty two forty two seven seven four if they if he has no evidence then there's nothing to be exonerated for right? Right. Where was the evidence? And, and, you know, I guess pack niclely you can you can be you can be indicted for obstructing Justice on a on a frame up a railroad, but try to present that to a jury, you know. And get a unanimous verdict of twelve jurors. But you're you, you obstructed Justice in an investigation that was railroad that you were railroaded into, and it was promoted by your political enemies. And and investigated by crooked cops. I don't think you'd get a conviction on that on that criminal prosecution. Mike, you're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead, Mike. Taking my call. Fella. Marina, I've always had little question about this guy integrity, more. Yeah, but I'll tell you he answered all the questions for me today. This guy has no one. He's lost it all. I'll tell you when you boss, your integrity. You've lost everything. And if you notice a little coordination this week. All of a sudden, you got Komi with his little editor. Royal. This book and then molar comes out today. Yeah. Fourth made it attack here as far as count. I think it's a attack Mike isn't it for the fact that? Declassify all these documents and they're going to be. Intelligence. Oh, they are. They are so, so now now Clapper and Brennan, and Komi can go back to saying, oh, well, this, this lays the groundwork for impeachment as long as they can keep talking about that. No one's going to be asking them about their their their lies under oath to congress and their lies to the Oregon encomium case to the Feis a court when he was seeking the warrant to survey oil Carter page, you know, they're they're they're they're liars. They're busted. They're caught. And so they're trying to turn it around. And again, the, the, the, the very accusation, that bar may politicize intelligence. I it's it rings, so hollow coming from any of these people, whether they're elected officials are just corrupt deep state bureaucrats like Brennan, Komi and Clapper, thanks for the call. Mike day will take a break. We'll come right back with more of your calls. Eight four four five hundred forty two forty. Two. I'm Howie Carr..

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