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This is a Bloomberg surveillance from London to alongside tell Cain Jonathan Farrow. We're to as a way from the bow. The news you need to know this hour stocks rising around the world to close out the trading week the S and P five hundred which yesterday exceeded. It's fifty day moving average for the first time since early December on track for its fourth straight weekly gain futures positive tasteless. Yes, down almost seven percent in early trading. The company will cut its full time employee headcount by seven percent. The Llamas sang the road ahead is very difficult to make electric cars affordable for the mass market. And finally, she has a Netflix which such fifty percent in. In the last month. Yes. Really from the December lows lower by three percent this morning, fourth quarter sales growth, disappoint investors. Just a little bit. The company's forecast for the current quarter. Sows also missing estimates a little bit more on that a little bit later for now, though, let's get you some headlines from around the world and sail up to Michael good morning. Jonathan good morning. Tom day twenty eight of the government shutdown and still both sides are showing no signs of throwing the stalemate. Following house speaker Pelosi suggestion that President Trump reschedule his state of the union address, the president denied or a military plane for an unannounced trip to visit US troops in Afghanistan. Buzzfeed is reporting that President Trump personally directed his longtime. Former attorney Michael Cohen to lie to congress about the Moscow Trump Tower project, according to the report, the president directed co underline that negotiations on the tower ended months earlier than they actually did do jersey is about to become the fourth state in the country. To significantly raise the minimum wage. Governor Phil Murphy and legislative leaders agreed to a deal that would raise the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour. The agreement raise it by twenty twenty four global news twenty four hours a day on Aaron at taco on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm Michael Barr. This is Bloomberg Donald Michael Barr. Thank you very much. Sarah's time negatively back. NBC sports report brought to you by Jon Stashower. Jonathan the next show yesterday. They can lose not only in the US. But in London arena, the fans were supportive as they built a nineteen point lead over Washington. They were up twelve the fourth quarter. But the only scored eleven points in the fourth and they lost to the wizards one on one to one hundred but less than a second to go in Alonzo triggered blocked. It was called goaltending manual mediate twenty five points lead, the Knicks come back home. If he lost five in a row eighteen twenty Rangers made it three wins in the last four four three over Chicago with the guard at the Coliseum. Islanders made it ten wins in their last twelve games. Three goals in the first period. They'd beat the devils. Four to warn local college hoops Ostra having a big year, but North Carolina Wilmington. That's thirteen wins in a row for the pride unbeaten in the colonial. Just the fourth win of the year for Manhattan Jaspers beat Saint.

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