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Cat is blocked away and it's gonna be scooped up in out by but amid of Philadelphia back to the lightning at had been right wing turned out to center ice Stevens he got checked by St hide that was the end of a two on one the other way across Laughlin front bottom it can't jot Sivas Leschi rebound loose of apartheid check the ice by Mitchell Stephens and they're gonna get a propelling he fell down and went against the boards get a wrongful so the flyers will get the game's first power play five thirty seven of the first yeah he tripped him there's no doubt about it and then Barnum and things after and pushes somebody for no reason we've got a a this pushing sevenfold's every game I said well you didn't trip ME gable arrived number sixty seven two minutes for cross checking was he can't do that he was like two feet from the maybe three feet from the boards and sold the fires go on the first power play of the late nineteenth and early on the man advantage seventeen point two percent lighting second on the penalty kill eighty four point two percent then they chose to go to the right of us so let's be let's could sure use a left and faceoff guy again stamp goes winds it years continuous circle appoint pro roblox circle Kluger route background in pro Robert left point again drew a circle a past comes to Travis connect the left corner across the board check right circle centers it for Kateri blocking it had been at me if I don't receive the goal but it's safe to dangerous chance at the very least you're afraid and he clears it down the ice pro rob another rush one thirty four left on the power play your surgery right wing Jacor check the center created in Basel Asti saluted by that but it does dribble to connect the left corner dropped it by that it had been got tripped no calls you couldn't clear Tilden forecheck great circle recorder jury or it's.

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