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You or upset you or just grossed you out then no nothing I can do about my face and my manager rest you know we're working on them the bug the bug that is my my mangas has destroyed Facebook dot com slash Katie our season like that you can find it you're all smart you know how to do that because also online and talk about technology and bringing things up to date starting in this Saturday we will have two of our we can show well maybe three of our weekend shows back alive now we are still not allowing people to come into the building with very few exceptions so are we can house still can come in the building but are we can house can get zoom and at their own leisure record their own show in interviews and then send it to us we put him up in so far as to seal live work on race based and Jennifer Vela on coughing culture are doing now and Bridget Dickson from business matters and the chamber of commerce is working on a show for this weekend as well so we're getting back to rather than having to run past shows to running news show next week we'll add art fusion with run with more artisans and you know we didn't we're expanding until everybody is back on the air live if they can do the technology of getting zoom once again nor do we have to rely on people's own ingenuity to understand the technology to want to do it I guess that's the month warning you just you just have to wanna do you wanna do about not feel you'll find a way to overcome the technological law challenges four two four twelve sixty anything we'll talk about today is fine with me and our our word of the day I'm playing like always says to me too and I'm Big Bird today more ways than one our word of the day is accountability and it has the Republican Party of New Mexico has refused to be accountable re fused to call out a Republican county commissioner in New Mexico for his call for violence to do against Democrats the only good Democrats a dead Democrat calling for a basically the death of two democratic governors and that would be cool we graph and whatever his name is always call your career or who we or whatever it is the guy as a clown he's a fake is a fraud he says he's a man of god and yet he when he's calling for violence any is calling for violence you can say well I didn't mean that literally but you know that is a you have to be more honest than Donald Trump and that is an incredibly low bar even Twitter realized it's such a low bar that now Twitter is fact checking the president the president is now saying that he's going to you know take away protection for social media once again all bark and no bite threat threat threat from the president he has very little power of this kind of thing but anyway doesn't like being called a liar on Twitter so the word of the day is accountability Republican Party New Mexico refusing to be accountable and calling this clown could we Griffin out by name basically just a non statement statement non denial denial from Steve Pearce and their spokesman Mike Curtis I emailed him before the show email me back a little while ago we stand on our original statement that's it and to me it is cowardly is yellow bellied they used to say in western what are they afraid up chevron now being held to account by their shareholders for lobbying are they lobbying who they lobbying with what what issues are they lobbied on how much are they spending on lobbyists who are the lobbyists at their annual meeting fifty three percent of the shareholders voted for the proposal which was campaigned against by the arm exactly the fair run they didn't want of course they didn't want they don't want to be countable their shareholders said yeah fifty three percent said we must know what our lobbying efforts are and who are lobbyists are and how much we're spending so that's the word of the day accountability John Arthur Smith running for reelection so the party's day state senator the head of the Senate finance committee he has one opponent now I do believe he'll be a guest on the show tomorrow she is from Lordsburg which in itself is a kind of form of accountability well John Arthur from demi I I shouldn't I shouldn't pick up I've just been down in both of those communities when you can't see an inch in front of your face because of the dust storms along I. ten damning in Lawrenceburg unix anyway John Arthur says that we might actually not have to cut the budget terribly much in the special session coming up on June eighteenth because one of the substantial cash reserves we put away and the last regular session and two because of federal funds so senator John Arthur Smith head of the Senate finance committee he said yesterday that our cash reserves there are you know basically our savings accounts and federal stimulus funds could alleviate the need for deep spending cuts during our special session on June eighteenth Smith chairman of the Senate finance committee told members of an Albuquerque commercial real estate group that the depth of the spending cuts will depend largely on how much flexibility we are given by the federal government on the one point one billion dollars with the federal government said you have to spend this on coded nineteen relief our programs is there a way that we can and use it to prop up education or other issues or can we spend money anyway you get the gist how much flexibility with the federal government government give us John R. thirteen centers within I wouldn't think they would be too painful are the cuts if the federal flexibility is there he did an online webinar with NAIOP however he did express concern about our budget outlook for future years saying some experts have predicted oil prices will not be bounced back for at least two years and that stayed up employment levels could take even longer to return to previous levels now V. bad news about the rebound in oil prices that could be for onshore drilling it could be for offshore drilling it could be for drilling in the Middle East to good be for Russian oil the one oil it is probably not going to rebound for is shale oil fracking oil which is what basically the predominance of oil in the Permian basin in where as we used to think even a year ago year and a half ago that the Permian basin was going to play out for ten years or longer at a high rate it's not the truth is not the case fracking fields are short short lived produce a lot for a short time so some oil may bounce back but it is unlikely that the producers who are have been driven out of business by the fall of the oil prices will come back most of those are going out of business most of those are too heavy a heavily leverage to ever come back too much debt to ever come back they borrowed too much money so they'll go out of business the biggies like chevron BP Exxon Mobil his day in business but how long will they stay in business how long will they try and play the Permian basin the shale the fracking oil until it doesn't produce enough to make it worthwhile that's the banners oil may come back but our oil may not come back John Arthur said offenders we have also said that many cities and counties are in deep deep trouble due to reliance on gross receipts taxes let's put our hands up city and county of Santa Fe and the lawmakers may need to overhaul the state's tasco during the twenty twenty one legislative session in January may have to must must overall our tax code should have been done ten years ago fifteen years ago Jody was done was put on a shelf it has to be done D. ease on ours have to get together redo our tax code in New Mexico so there's a lot of things to do some can be some will be done the quick fixes the shoring up of the fiscal year twenty twenty budget if need be and the I guess basically redoing of the twenty twenty one budget and this special session they'll kick off on June eighteenth how many days we don't know hopefully just a day or two because it costs money and what the governor put someone on governor will be live on Facebook and YouTube three o'clock he Cathy Kunkel and doctors grace cove in nineteen press conference will be hello bility for the week three o'clock a record for us though the state representative Canada district forty five minutes to rock that's our three o'clock and a few minutes when we come back when I jump in comment about anything or everything five oh five four two four twelve sixty five oh five four two four six right back to the Richard each show voice of Santa Fe here on JT RC Santa fe's news talk later hi it's from the fire these are difficult times and we want to give you an update our show room is closed but as an essential.

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