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This update is brought to you by Edelman FINANCIAL engines. The Austin City Council today make some final decisions about the new budget for the police officer being a Cadenas with the Police Association believes the council is writing a political wave as they're set to make deep cuts into the department. Activists are calling for 50% cuts. Cadenas demands something else. I've had council members who have called me and who have told me quiet that they support the police department. However, they cannot do so publicly because it'll be political suicide. Well, I'm sorry. Nobody dragged you out of your house for you to become a City council member. The leader, he says, change is inevitable. But counsel should take their time with these police changes rather than make the cuts today. And then experiment. John Cooley NEWS radio K L B J E Austin City Council has voted to condemn private property along Bull Creek against the owner's wishes. David Khan wants to build a boutique hotel on his land near Spicewood Springs Road. Khan says the land is worth much more than the $4.5 million offered by the city. The city Council wants the land for the Upper Bull Creek Grain Belt. University of Texas says it may reduce the number of folks allowed to Goto home football games this week. Travis County Health Authority, Dr Marcus Scott said the expectation of having 50,000 people or 50% capacity of decay are stadium is not really based in reality, But frankly, I think it's gonna be a struggle for us to even allow teams to play on the field without the crowd. Promise can you can't force the university to cap the capacity of decay are because it stayed on. But UT athletics director Chris Del Conte appears to be listening. Nevertheless, he says he is worth King with beauties president on a 25% model, and he will release more details on that plan in the coming weeks. Patrick Osborne NewsRadio kale, BJ Austin City Council has approved a new contract for a private company to go in and clean up homeless camps all over the city. City Council members are worried that those clean up teams may mistreat the homeless. So Public Works. Director Richard Mendoza's says those crews will get sensitivity training before they clean up the homeless camps. Some increased visits by our Social service providers, namely medical care, and the host teams have him visit these locations both prior and post cleanups. The City Council says it wants more oversight of those private contractors who were doing the clean up of the homeless camps. 8 33 K. LBJ. Here's Austin's On Time traffic with Melinda Brandt, 35 North bound, still seen a slight delay between slaughter and Stassen E and then we have reports of a collision. Parmer near Metric Your next report today 45. I'm Melinda brilliant.

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