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Socialist Agenda, led by Joe Biden is threatening to take our freedoms away in Trump card Danish digs deep to uncover why the threat of socialism is really what's at stake if we let them win and how we stop it. Trump Card now on demand ready. PG 13. Miami Heat held off the Los Angeles Lakers to force the MBA finals to 1/6 game That'll be played Sunday night as the Lakers will try again for their first title since 2010 ABC Todd and says that game could be played in front of a few million more eyeballs. While the Trump administration continues his trade war with China, the N B A is apparently making strides with a country that loves basketball. China Central TV carried Game five of the N B a finals between the Lakers and Heat the first time that the league appeared on the network since the rift that started when the Houston Rockets general manager Tweeted support for anti government protesters in Hong Kong at all Star weekend this year, eh? NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said it was possible to lead could lose as much as 400 million in revenue because of the strange relationship with the Chinese. That seems to be changing. Todd and ABC News ceasefire goes into effect between our media and Azerbaijan. Those two countries have fought for two weeks over the disputed in Gorno Caraballo region, the most serious fighting there in 25 years. Truce announced after 10 hours of talks in Moscow Former Philadelphia police officer Eric Rook, charged with first degree murder in the December 2017 shooting death of Dennis Plowed and following a high speed chase in Philadelphia Rock turned himself in on Friday. Vincent Corrigan is an attorney for platitudes, Family Hope they take some comfort from this, although.

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