Sarah Palin, President Trump, Joe Biden discussed on South Florida Morning Show


On web MD it's horrible I. Guess I shouldn't go, into this one hundred six year old Roberta McCain, is going to attend your. Son's burial that's pretty I didn't I didn't know I did see the part that Sarah Palin his running mate not invited wow so inclusive I thought but Joe Biden is speaking this. Is the thing the message is speaking at an Joe Biden, is speaking and Bush those are the two men he, ran against. To like basically we're not very. Kind to him, during the. Elections nobody was. And so he's was trying to. Show, in his death right after. He's dead that he's being inclusive and that, he has no ill, will yet. He's not inviting President Trump or Sarah. Palin to. His funeral so I don't get it's a mixed message from listen. I'm sorry I know he was a war hero. Seems very very petty. It just does Yeah and. This woman ran, with you. Campaign with you In that race in. She's, not invite, specifically, on the do, not. Invite list okay I guess right Tina phase invited Appearing as, Sarah Palin Tina Fey yes Julianne Moore did a great job, till is amazing how much it looked. Like but anyway so you want, me to put my news lump? Up online, maybe just fascinated. By the mouse pad the. Whole conversation was I said do you ever go to target he goes oh my God don't even talk. About it I can't. Get out of that store for less than a, hundred bucks this mouse pad hundred bucks bucks chain thing. Is, news lump, is? Expensive with disability That's right we're coming up based care a little bit with your. News lump these south Florida morning show well, it's just arming with all this. And you may, be sick of. It already and, you would, be right it's insane and it's completely twisted out of control it's completely taken out of, context but I'm to arm you with this. This is the complete statement from Rhonda Santa's yesterday the last thing we, need to. Do. Is to, monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge. Tax increases, and bankrupting the state k. e. probably in my camp I, don't see anything whatsoever in any way. Shape or form racist about that, but of course jumped on it? The immediate, response Sandra Gillam. And all kinds of media. Opportunities because it is let me be articulate in clear here which is whip better than this in Florida. I believe it congressman. Can be better than this I regret that his mentor in politics is Donald Trump so on is so Ricky this got me thinking yesterday when I heard about this. Yeah well let's focus in a key in, this this phrase here monkeying around. I probably use, that four or. Five times a, week with, my kids still teenagers common term used it since they were of called them monkeys of, used the phrase monkeying around stop monkeying around. The a monkey wrench although that's different into something Trying to think about. All the times I use that phrase it's pretty common. And all the other times just just monkey you can't use apparently now because they're. Going. To, politicize that make it racist yeah all. I mean the the racist. Alarms went off everybody was bananas and five zero pun intended five alarm. Racist alarms right oh yeah that's what we should develop for the morning show here we need a racist alarm anytime anything comes up it'll be. Like a foghorn or something Now think about all the. Different phrases and I. Started thinking about this these are all the things you can't. Say now applying these same rules right and this is all I happen to. Think. About early this, morning when I got in here. Of popular culture references right off the top of my, head we, can? Add, to, it if you want everybody wants to add to. This. List go ahead but according to this doctrine right. You can't say any.

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