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Slow down your morning drive too much. From ABC news. I'm Richard Cantu. President Trump hit Twitter late Wednesday night declaring he'll waits until the government fully reopens before delivering the state of the union address to congress. This follows a day of Darren double dare between house speaker Nancy Pelosi in the president President Trump sending a letter to Pelosi that he was not going to take a recommendation to postpone the speech and was on track to head to the capital two delivered on Tuesday Pelosi, then serving notice on Trump that he was disinvited from using the house chamber for the annual joint congressional meeting ABC's. Dave Packer speaker Pelosi responded on Twitter saying she hopes. This means the president will support legislation to reopen. The government that does not have wall. Funding Thursdays day thirty four of the partial shutdown. The Senate will take up competing bills to reopen. But it appears neither has sufficient support. The president's Bill includes his requested border while funding while the second measure would simply reopen the government for two weeks Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer teed up what he sees as the contrast in the two bills one simply reopens the government. The other says no way. No way it embodies the president's temper tantrum. Both measures are expected to fail. Both falling short of the bipartisan majority needed to advance. Them alley. Rogin ABC news Capitol Hill. Bring Florida authorities. Brought five counts of first degree murder against deafen Xaver arrested after an apparent botched Bank robbery in which five people were shot to death. Seabream police chief Carl Hoaglund says Xaver called police himself to report what he does object contacted are consolidated dispatch center and said that he hit entered the Bank and began shooting US. Born Iranian state, TV newscaster Marzia has shimmy was released from jail in Washington DC she'd been detained the last ten days since arriving in Saint Louis was being held as a material witness in an undisclosed case and had appeared before federal judge twice on. The matter court papers indicate a Shammy would be released after testifying before a grand jury. You're listening to ABC news question. Do you have a health insurance plan? You are not happy with. Well, Bethany and Jason they were stock their plan just kept getting more expensive and Bethany favorite doctor didn't even take that plan anymore. And then some friends at church told them about meta share with our previous insurance. We were paying twelve hundred dollars a month with meta share, we now pay around six hundred dollars a month. Yes. They're paying six hundred dollars less per month. And that's a pretty typical savings with meta share. And they actually like meta share more. How is able to go back to my original doctor that I absolutely loved, and it's just been an absolutely beautiful thing being a part of meta share? Yes. So they pay a lot less, and they like it more. No wonder meta share is growing so fast. Find out more. They're super easy to talk to all you have to do is call eight seven seven twenty-six bible. That's eight seven seven twenty six b I b l e eight seven seven twenty-six bible, a licensed practical nurse in custody in Phoenix after DNA. Linked him to the baby born by severely disabled woman at a long care facility. Nathan Sutherland making his first appearance in front of a judge in Maricopa.

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