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You would be defensive minded guy like he were when i started your show right you know i think the game has changed definitely but you still need players still do the same thing you know i think i'd still have to play defense and i still have to be able to score you still need someone to block shots and protect the rim and but i i was a player that did vote i played defense and then i was still went on to other i scored still need people rebound rebound both ends you still need people to block shots so i was able to do both and i i could shoot i just didn't shoot out to the three point line the way that biggs shoot now but i was capable of of doing it i just in my era i remember when i first came to georgetown coach tom we played virginia ram sam sampson ralph took shot from about the top of the key right here the top of the free throw line right here and i came down and took one from the free throw line coach tom call time out he cursed me oh says son gets you're in the pain but now is a different era it's a different area you know big now they want to shoot three's you know and it's it's that's the way the game as progressed in you know when i was in nba oh people are always asking me where are the centers and now dissenters the ones out there shooting threes and under guards the ones that posting up.

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