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Be and they fits baker maytham could you imagine baker mayfield and odell beckham junior on the same roster oh they're you talk about back page divas ban you talk about lots of jusen those headlines of the daily news the post the news day well rv something that would be so anti giants that would be like never my big glue that would be like accenture and headache wolf baker mayfield an oh my goodness think about but and you get a lotta buzz get a lotta buzz you get a lot of coverage stephen a smith would be squawk at every day about odell beckham and baker mayfield bafanji are it's time now for the latest sports update here's seth carer flo boards flyer the red college football selection a few hours away eighthranked ohio state making its case park guys took the big ten dishing number four wisconsin it's first lost twenty seven twenty one urban admire campaigning for the buck guys to take the next step of a car strength the schedule quality wins is phenomenal and we're conference champions two wins over top four teams another blow out went against the twelve team in america so we play tree top five teams and we want to avoid them i hope we get a shot toprank clemson blasted miami thirty eight three to win the acc number six georgia takes the sec.

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