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Combustion of Theron zone, come on in. For your real life and real future, Tom and Don are talking real money. Oh gosh, I'm just having so much fun. I'm just having so much fun, looking at these stuff on four O three BY. I'm so glad this came up. Because when I hear that I think. So if you work for any of those institutions, it has a 403 B this is a site going worth going and looking and you see what your plan looks like. Now, here's what you may or may not know. Here's how they're rating works. You get an a if you have green rated companies, and you're keeping your price down, for example, a school district that my wife attended when she was a child, Montgomery county, public schools in Maryland, they have an a rating. What's it green rated company? That's G thing or something. Here you go. Here are the green rated companies. No, there's green yellow and red, as in the traffic. Let me guess. Yeah, okay. Guess who the two green, the two top greens are, the two top greens. I'll go with Vanguard and fidelity. Thank you nicely done. It was tough. Well done. Then the second tier of greens are aspire and calsters and pencils. So there's really basically nobody in the green, except Vanguard fidelity, and they also put T Rowe price in there, but I wouldn't because of the active managed component. But T Rowe prices and expensive. So that's why they're in there. Yellow. American century, CSD, CTA, platform, IPC, Lincoln PDP, the NEA, invest myself program, not their annuity, the NES. And Tia craft. Ready for the red. If you are in one of these companies in your four O three B four O three BY retire now, get your money. And Tom and Don really do, we agree. I think we agree with every one of these Tom. These are in their red categories. The bad bad people. If you only have these in your 403 B, the 403 B is going to get an F rating. Wow. If you have some yellows, you get like you get kicked up to a C so red, American funds. Pioneer. Edward Jones, Franklin templeton. These are the mutual fund companies. In Vasco. Okay, can I stop you one second? 'cause this is very good. I'll go one step further. If you're an individual investor and you're using these firms, you get an F as well. Same thing, yeah. No, I mean, but people don't look at it that well, here's why. Because they're active managed high expenses. These are not a good deal for you. They're great deal for Edward Jones American funds, et cetera, et cetera. Yeah, so that first year, which as putnam and woodell and Reed, those are the mutual funds that are read. In the red category, on the insurance side. AIG, formerly known as valak, American fidelity, ameriprise, bright House, formerly met life, equitable access, ESI, gwa, Horace Mann, Minnesota, EFS advisers, Pacific Life, PFS security benefit thrived, Voya. It's basically the people that are going to sell you expensive stuff, including annuities which you do not need while you're working at one of your school districts or hospitals which is not your school district will get a C if it has at least one green rated vendor. But they will put some up a little bit. They include a spire as one of those and aspires a little tricky. I'm going to have to learn a little bit more about them. Can you look up my school district? That I attended? Absolutely, the Bellevue was Bellevue. Yeah, Bellevue, yeah. Not the hospital, the school district, thank you. I appreciate that. Well, he did also, but that was not school. That was did my three years. That was not school related. That was just a little break. Helpful time. Yeah. Sure. The Bellevue school district, hold on. Let's see how they rate. Pretty good. I didn't share their information. It brings back a lot of unpleasant memories. Okay, wait, folks, folks who work in the Bellevue school district. They gotta get here is your opportunity to help the rest of us a lot of them. There is a form on the page. Just go to the Bellevue school district, page, and it says, fill out this form if you know what kind of funds and it gives you a checklist. You can just check

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