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And now let's see Indiana gets the ball with eighteen seconds on the shot clock for the past comes the fantasy gives the door between the circle she slides it to the right side Rosa back left a trace topical lane looks low can't find anybody gives the fantasy back outside to see Justin back to rob this is gonna have to take a shot here he takes it to the lane fires up of course jump shot well first seventy four and that was twenty one twenty one point trailer here is no jelly from the left back right the farms over five times for do for now the border taken advantage of Indiana's turnovers a little bit more they scored nine points on the end of the fence to go over the top of that ball screening no gel eastern was not prepared for it because there's been a seat with a basketball the left wing baseline looks up so not the joy brought hands it back to rob now outside to trace right side pass to burrow top of the key to the corner to Justin Smith Smith prize workers way into the lane does so turns around fades away fires and miss the shot we need role who's back in the game he slides across the time line he flips right sided G. eastern girls it back out front harm to that lowly puts it up no nice play by trace Jackson Davis but he filed in years past that's a wide open on not easy to we we got another cold here with the Indiana twenty one to twenty seven thirty nine to go here in this first half I don't know why they took the full time last all they.

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