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A lot okay what do you guys think about this i always like to tell you about like new tv shows new things that are that we might want to watch so free form which is formerly abc family which is lori bird dini's favorite network other than the cw they've put in development a show called how the other half hamptons is an hour long series from this company called capital entertainment and kelly ripa and mark consolo says production it's based on a book by jasmin rosenberg which was released by in two thousand eight it's called it's again how the other half hamptons it explores the hamptons share house which is so if you ever like known young twentysomethings who live in new york this is what they do okay it lots of manhattan twentysomethings share house these amazing houses in the hamptons and then have them for the whole summer because you can't let say heard about like because i remember there was a story and there might have been celebrities involved where there was like some vandalism or they trash the house or something like this i think it was one of those houses but anyway when my sisters lived in new york at the like the latter part of the time that they live there this is when all their friends started doing this when it was like you kinda get to your upper twenty s you have a little bit more cash and you're like i can't sit in the city all summer and so you all go into gather on a big house and then you use it so the book details best friends who for sixteen weekends they go to a ten bedroom house with forty strangers it's not like you're signing up to have your own room five people like you all do it together and then you sign up for different weekends in this whole interesting so it's a fictional a novel and then this series is based on that that will be on free form i think it sounds so it's a drama series series watch that if it were a reality show i wouldn't i'm like really hockey jersey shore for me for like too much like that if it was going to be a reality show a drama on free form is like right up my alley in terms of no stress bubble gummy fun yeah great yes yeah i like it i like it a lot halle berry credits her youthful looks to bone broth folks because it's full of collagen she picks up from the butcher shop boils them into a special drink which she claims is full of collagen i mean she doesn't really have to claim that that's what it is go by bone broth now council by it can also make it in your slow cooker it's not really that hard save from your chicken coop now you can just put it in the freezer they could hold a little bit at a time i remember when i was young and i i wish i could remember oh i do i remember who it was it was daryl hannah somebody asked her what her beauty secret wise and when she say she drinks a lot of water yeah i tend to i'm not listen to celebrities when they have they can distill whatever their secret to anything is down to one tip the one thing you know bone broth great she does exercise like crazy yeah i mean there's probably a combo bland right and jeans exactly yeah now jordache like her genetic makeup yeah it's real deal she i mean sorry guys i'm distracted i'm just looking at pictures of halle berry i mean holy help right know who looks the best like further i just i always think of this woman it's jada pinkett smith's mom a mother okay hold on let me gets us got a sex addiction at one point here we'll talk about that later too because it's really annoying she sharing everything she's but you know i just quit cold turkey and i can do that because i'm like awesome not everybody can but i can i can do stuff i get addictions and then i just democracy i'm over it thank you anyway look at pictures of her mom shot lady pinkett smith mom it's over oh my gosh yeah i know she'll make you feel very lazy and ugly yeah fans are buzzing about beyond say saying she might be pregnant again a lord i think she just probably ate a burrito give the woman a braid yes jean shorts let the woman be dots to go all right.

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