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We were lucky work harder and so when you work harder you get a little bit more muscle glick down in the long on results in greater protein synthesis and greater gains muscle mass uh reflects that you had not does seem to be the case now um this this is this is something i remember hearing from two things that i always remember hearing about creating uh one is that it has to be taken with some form of carbohydrate whether it's for us or whatever it is can hear me here drew i lose uh you had just we're sakamoto guy uh what i was saying that you know one thing that i had heard from way back uh when it comes to creating is it has to be taken with some type of carb carbohydrate in already taken into the cells is that true yup all the other half do um you can get increase absorption if you take it was impossible heidari and actually a little bit of protein popes to uh to somewhere or most of the studies are like fifty grams of the you know relatively mediumtohigh klay cmic uh index uh carbohydrates so uh i i used to put it in grape juice nauseam housing college in white reduce because i was just i was a little bit less citic and uh yes shirt titan in and had an indepth little bit higher uh kind of overall water content which is why i liked it yep yep exactly um but having said that you you know if you're on akita genic that for example you know you can still get your levels up you can still saturate the muscle adequately with rebel out spiking uh you're insulin levels were carbohydrates um because you are taking some protein which you know well protein does spike insulin levels a little bit um it may just take you a couple more days potentially.

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