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To justice clearly not all of robin a story may be applicable to mr weinstein but i think it is broader relevance to how we as a society tried to deal with the issues of sexual harassment that may occur and be overlooked wherever there is disparity of power wealth and influence harken vulnerable women feel more confident to castro in front of predators what support can we offer the delivers actual protection to them and how do we encourage those in the know to speak up sooner rather than later as robin his widow commented on the the inevitable downfall full of her husband made mehta tears of innocent women never fall on the ground invade that was for for the day with that can that he does the time now eight minutes to a we have a couple of foreign policy grandi use of this stage of the programme yesterday the former foreign secretary jack straw the former ambassador to washington supeter west mckay they were united in backing the current foreign sacred boris johnson in calling on donald trump not too been the iran nuclear deal this is the deal freezes iran's nuclear program in return for an end to economic sanctions iran is keeping to the deal bought in washington president trump put some of his advises think the iranians a so badly behaved in so many other areas that that doesn't really matter there are also raising questions about what happens in the future i've been talking to general jack cain former vice chief of staff of the us army since the deal was gunned their their aggressive and millar behavior in in the region has increased decrease whatsoever the idea that they're going to join the international community of nations behave appropriately i think given their past record at nearer and nearer immediate record of absurdity in that case general how if the deal would be abandoned how in practical terms with the united states and others prevent iran from developing its nuclear program where we would have the.

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