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Expect the clouds to clear by lunchtime. And a high of eighty four in Phoenix. There are isolated storm chances in the high country this evening, we clear out in cool down statewide in time for Halloween. I'm ABC fifteen's. No, he'll graph at eight. Oh, three. It is sixty eight degrees in anthem. More now on that police situation that still has I seventeen closed between sixteenth street and seventh avenue has been closed since yesterday afternoon. A carjacking suspect was shot and killed there. After opening fire on officers three troopers were hurt, but they have been released from the hospital in timpee, those two officers doing okay this morning after being shot while serving a domestic violence order of protection last night and happen to your baseline and mill Tempe. Police chief Sylvia Moyer says the officers are mothers and longtime veterans of the force. It is important to know that our officers responded to serve an order of protection for a woman that had been assaulted by this suspect that suspect is deceased the domestic violence victim is safe Aaron Prentiss lives in that sound timpee neighborhood. He says his mother saw and heard the shootings she heard the gunshots. Eight to ten just bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-ba, and she sent my grandma, you know, in the house. She saw car speed away the Glendale and Goodyear police departments. Have a new high tech tool for investigating shootings Glendale, Lieutenant j O'Neill says it'll be capped at Glendale PD headquarters, basically, a fingerprint for guns, it allows us to take forensic evidence that we collect at shooting scenes compare that to guns that we have in our possession and make correlations and links between those two things in the past year in Glendale investigators had to do all their ballistic testing through the Phoenix police department, President Trump first lady, Melania daughter, Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner will visit Pittsburgh today where first funerals are being held for victims of Saturday's synagogue shooting. Meanwhile, mourners continue to pay their respects to the eleven data and six others wounded Halley Goldstein grew up a member of the tree of life congregation. She was shattered Saturday at eleven people were killed six wounded in this, holy place. The first night, I couldn't stay at my house alone. She's been standing here in the cold for almost six hours. I came here to love and beloved hundreds of mourners have come here to leave flowers mementos marker. With the star of David on them erected in front of the police tape on the sidewalk one for each of the people killed here. The tree of life. Pete combs, ABC news. Pittsburgh Arizona votes in new OH predictive insights poll shows, former attorney General Grant woods and former governor Jan brewer would be in good positions for the twenty twenty. Arizona's Senate race had roughly eighty five percent name ID with almost half of Arizona's actually favoring her compared to thirty eight percent that do not have a favorable. You never chief. Pollster Mike noble says even the woods isn't as well known. He has support among Democrats twenty-seven percent of voters under fifty four and fifty five percent of older Democrats favoring now if you've already got your ballot. You saw the long list of judges you've probably never heard of. But you can't find out more about them. Arizona's voters are being asked to vote on whether to retain several judges on the ballot because the average person isn't familiar with the judges they rarely vote against them. There has only been a couple of times in the past forty years where the voters have actually voted to get rid of a judge KTAR legal expert. Monica Lindstrom says you can get information on the judges through the judicial performance review commission. This commission compiles information obtained from attorneys and different litigants that have been in front of the judges to determine how the judges do when their courtroom. You can find the information the commission compiles on the courts dot gov website, Bob McClay, KTAR news. And just a reminder tomorrow is the last day to mail in your ballot. So it gets there in time. KTAR news time eight oh, seven t t.

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