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A tractor trailer tried to make a U turn and got stuck. So you're going to be sitting behind him until they can figure out how to get him out of there. Not sure if the north bound side is affected or not, but south bound traffic remains stopped. Also in Frederick 15 and 26 Liberty Town was a report of a wreck. The very nice Mac Middleton Bridge. Traffic was alternating to get across the bridge for the work. So watch for any delays. South bound to 70 still sees the slow down after route, 80 headed past 109, a single right lane gets by the work zone. Also seeing delays along 3 55 along this stretch is a lot of you try to take that instead, and other people decided to do it as well. No in Virginia north about 95 delays approaching and passing Route three. The work in the left lane, then delays out of Stafford headed past Quantico or before Quantico actually, before the exit is where the The plane is brought with the work while South bound 95. The ranch to the Del City truck skills is blocked for work. They're going to keep the truck scales closed until about five o'clock this evening in on the Beltway. Actually, the outer loop near 66. The broken down tractor trailer had been along the left side in the left center lane. Keep an eye out for that. Then the delay will take you onto westbound 66 the ramp There has a bit of a new traffic pattern. One lane gets by. It's a single right lane for that long term work zone and North bound 3 95 in a delay. After Duke toward King Street, where work takes a lane in the district. Work on I 2 95 of Malcolm X Avenue hasn't so in both directions, then delays on D C to 95 North bound, passing Pennsylvania Avenue in South Bound from Benning Road Past East Capitol Street. This week, it's Safeway clipped the digital coupon for red seedless grapes. For 88. Cents plus get signature farms fresh 80% lean ground beef for 2 99 per pound with club card. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o P. Traffic, Let's turn to storm team forced Chuck Bell. Sunshine Sure feels nice out there today afternoon High expected to reach to near 47 degrees. Clouds will.

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