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You are listening to every man podcast this is dan doty this is episode forty five with erin blaine and owen marcus hello hello hello fair warning everybody this is a complete nerd podcast this is for those of you who have been part of what we do in our participating every man this may interest you if you have not stepped your foot in the ring this may just be completely boring maybe not give it a shot anyway so this episode is owen marcus who's been on the show and erin blaine who's been on the show who are two of the key focal members of our leadership team that are bringing the fire to all of our events and helping support oliver groups working at in a core capacity to help us bring this message to world and grow to help us bring this message to the world and grow this movement into something that's a serious force of nature this episode is the three of us sitting down after our last open source retreat the retreat was held in joshua tree in the desert in cali korea we recorded the episode in his very funky funny strange co working space very close to lax we just rented it for an hour sat down and did a podcast literally the day after the retreat and the day for their traits and interesting time these events are big in their powerful and they leave the on a high of sorts and so this morning we woke up in joshua tree and drove to the beach thinking who had to drop thing you had to drive own off early for a flight and three cores the way to the city we check the flight and it realized he didn't need to go and till six pm or something so we had a whole day so we went to the beach and just walked around eight some food had a really like very nice relaxing good time and that leads me to a little personal update which really excited about and happy to share that myself and my family are actually moving to southern california this summer and a couple of months already were moving to between la and san diego closer to san diego and.

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