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Pop over to the other location. The bitcoin embassy they they'd intentionally attempted to hinder us from get us. So far away. That even with a zoom lens. I could not get a good shot of what was going on so now i did end up moving and i ended up getting a better shot in the end while before i wasn't able to get any show after moved us back the second time and then i moved around and then they started harassing us again. Did any other people or activists show up like with you. Fortunately the only other person should boyfriend and he showed up a little bit. Maybe an hour. After i arrived. Okay so I know sometimes when these things happen and the messages go out depending on it was available. M in the morning okay. Most people most activists. Don't get up that early. And they wouldn't have seen the message into later and a lotta people came out in support. But it wasn't much later if i hadn't been awake at six. Am still up. Yeah i wouldn't have got. I wouldn't have seen the message. And i wouldn't have gotten my you know what over here to start filming The just absolute insanity. And i'm the only right now. There's a lot of film that went out over. that was streamed live but there is even more film. That was the core of the most interesting part of it. Hasn't been released yet so like i said Freaking dot com eventually will hopefully that video up. And you'll you'll just see how absolutely insane this raid was. This is nothing compared to the last raid of the studio was nothing compared to this raid multiple windows. You know were torn out. Building was caught possibly compromise. It could fall down on us and they don't want you to see it because they want you to think that whatever you hear about it was justified because you won't get to see how ridiculous looked excessive use of force against peaceful people. Yeah this is free talk live. We'll talk about more of the happening today here at the studio coming up. This is michael dean from the freedom teens. 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Dot freetalklive dot com and you can follow us on the decentralized mastodon platform at toot dot freetalklive dot com so please follow us at two dot freetalklive dot com and sign up for our emails at news dot freetalklive dot com. We have some good news. The indictments against rossall celebrate. The district of maryland were dismissed with prejudice meaning. They can never be refiled. This is especially good because those indictments contain the only charge ever made that ross engaged in murder-for-hire this was a serious allegation at ross outbreak. Denies it was never prosecuted or ruled on by jury but was trumpeted by the federal government and the media. As if it were proven fact. The maryland court held these indictments for almost five years poisoning case and leaving him under a cloud of unproven allegations as explained in ross's appeal to the supreme court. The fact that the judge used these allegations to give her all say draconian sentence of life without parole violated his sixth amendment right to a jury. Trial judges are required to issue sentence based on convictions. Decided by a jury not unproven. Allegations never even charged at trial. Although this is a positive development that dropped indictment will not set. Ross free now. A presidential pardon is ross is only hope of freedom. Signed the petition at free. Ross dot org free. Ross dot org the l. r. n. dot fm social media channels have been revamped. We've eliminated facebook and focused on other platforms like twitter and mastodon the decentralized alternative to twitter on our accounts you'll find post from multiple l. r. n. dot. Fm show hosts together in one place. Follow us on twitter at twitter dot l. Our end on fm or better yet moved to the decentralized masjid on social media platform at toot dot l. r. n. dot fm t. o. ot dot l. r. n. dot fm. I think you'll like it. 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