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Back yard for us but let me let me share with you there is this a mayor perhaps you've heard of him saad deak com he is the mayor of london the city of london mariel london beefeaters the tala the the ten the river thames and although said what am i called the route river thames instead of the thames river and what was said t hemi what does that it should be firms should lay the other themes that claims and an around well coq the river mississippi we called the mississippi river uh what so what are they the river thames james very you know okay there are different it's a different country over there so the mayor was on the television on a television show called good morning britain it's kinda like good morning america but they ripped it off for british purposes and so they changed their name to good morning britain c c other works and saw decode they'll still anything those europeans shut dick conn who is the first muslim mayor of a european capital of western european capital and and he's a lefty and daddy said all kinds of things that i don't like about radical islamic terrorism era just get houston part of living in a big city and and here's the thing it's not that he is wrong about that what bothers me is that he's right about that that muslims suddenly surprising every one worth a murderer or a bunch of murderers psychotic blood frenzy is just kind of part of living in european cities in orlando in san bernardino in new york in arlington virginia what was the little town in texas where the truck that i showed up to murder.

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