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I mean there is a profession that thinks this way and and she called chiropractors, but I think that our message hasn't gotten out there very well because there is this movement towards more and more local organization and trying to treat health conditions from a very localized place. Where as when you're talking about the biomechanical system and I'm not going to I'm not talking about pancreatic cancer or something. I got I'm talking about function not talking about the whole biomechanical system that you can't just treat the shoulder if the problem is with the axial system and our big Shaq. Zorba's, you know underneath you know the tire so I I feel like what we have working against us is that we haven't claimed a place in the Health Care system as the bio mechanic and if more people understood, I mean that's my public service announcement and my kind of wishing that people could understand this more holistic issue that if you fix the whole biomechanical system, it lasts a lot longer and I I feel like I feel like it's a missed opportunity to not address these little injuries earlier on like you think about this child with the you know, the restored Kip when in fact the function was in the toilet that what would have happened to her. She would never abused that leg What You Know by the time she's forty is she having a hip replacement because you know money down. Wear and tear on her hips all of these hip replacements knee Replacements that are happening now really are the downstream effect of Decades of inefficient biomechanics off what you make an excellent case for the work you do and we should remind people that this is a field that has garnered more respect thankfully over the years because we're hearing from people like you should have such a practical case to make and there's a lot more that people will find out when they visit your website or visit your practice, but you've got a lot going on and one more thing. I understand you're a musician. Is that right? Yes, boss. Twenty years. I was a professional classical singer and even nominated for a Grammy. Oh, so I I taught voice for many years and she married into Brown and in my private studio and it's very interesting. You think how did you go from that to being a chiropractor? But actually the things that I was most interested in and the things that I was Mossad, Helpful with is that I would re have destroyed voices..

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